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      Webmaster Mary Ann Clark has posted an informative piece on cookies by John Clark on the site.  Go to Benefits >  Tips 'N Tricks to find this new article and nine other helpful pieces.    
        To keep up to date, click on RSS on the PMUG home page menu.  It will set you up with PMUG listing on NetNewsWire.  When that opens click to Refresh All, so the latest comes up. On this blog you scroll down to Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) and click. 

Goodbye to Google Reader?

        An article     mentioned that Google Reader is to close down on July 1, 2013.  Another article lists some alternatives  How important is that?  
        Querying Jim Hamm brought this, "If I had something constructive to say, I would. Some time ago I used to use an RSS feed quite often -- it may have been Google Reader, but I don't remember for sure. For some reason -- and I don't recall why -- I got away from using an RSS feed, and haven't used one for some time. It may have been when I upgraded my OS the RSS feed didn't carry over, I didn't notice, and slowly forgot about an RSS feed altogether.

        "The article points out some good choices for RSS feeds. It seems if someone has been using Google Reader the easiest migration choice would be to use Feedly. However, people can experiment a bit to see which they prefer." 

Getting Your RSS

        You used to see RSS at the top right corner of this blog.  When you clicked to subscribe to it you’d be notified via your email that a new posting had been made to PMUG newsblog.  In your Mail it showed you a few lines of the posting and then “read more” would open the site and bring up the entire article and the entire PMUG newsletter, actually linking you to all articles/messages here.  
        Prez Art Gorski suggests you try this:

RSS Feed Solutions Described

        Mountain Lion no longer supports RSS feeds in either Mail or Safari, but John Carter to the rescue.  He offers this description and solution:   "If you are currently subscribed to either the PMUG website RSS or the Newsletter RSS, you should consider one of the many alternatives for receiving RSS feeds.

        "I use NetNewsWire, the free version. It works, but not quite the way I would like it to. When I was subscribing to RSS feeds with Mail, I could delete news that I didn't care to keep. You can't do that in NetNewsWire, at least not in the free version. 
        "NetNewsWire also automatically deletes old news. It seems the only way to hang onto a copy of any news item is to display it, copy it, and paste it into a document. But then, you can still go to the site that delivered the news feed and retrieve any material there by searching for the topic. Now the funny part of this is for me, I rarely go back and reread any news. I do at times refer to it to pass on information that others are asking about.
        "To subscribe to an RSS feed in Mountain Lion, you first have to have an RSS news reader installed on your computer. Next, open Safari and go to the website that you want to subscribe to their RSS feed. Click on the RSS icon. It opens NetNewsWire (if that's what you have installed) and pops up a dialogue box. In the dialogue box, enter a decent short title and a description (optional).
        "If you are still using Leopard, Snow Leopard, or Lion and you want to start right away with an RSS reader like NetNewsWire, open Mail -> Preferences and click on the RSS tab. There you will find an option to use Mail or an external reader. Click on the option to use an external reader, then in the Finder window that opens, find and click on the RSS reader, then click OK. Any new RSS feeds that come in will go to that reader. You can now delete the RSS feed in Mail. If you're using Safari as your RSS reader, do pretty much the same thing there in Safari Preferences.
        "If you choose to use NetNewsWire, when you click on a news item you will get the short version. To read the long version, you can either double-click on the entry or click on the title of the news feed - this appears if large blue letters just above the short version."
        (Click to enlarge the illustrations.) 
John winds up his instructions with,  "In NetNewsWire preferences you select to open the long version in NewNewsWire (in a separate tab) or in your default browser."

Mountain Lion Makes RSS Changes in Mail

          Changes?  Oh, yes.  Jim Hamm must be frowning as he sends us this: "Here are a couple of articles:   One and the other one, describing changes coming in Mountain Lion. I'm gonna miss the RSS feed into Mail, which I presently use quite a bit.  He quotes this part, "Look to the right, and you may notice Safari’s first major missing feature: RSS. It looks as though Really Simple Syndication was just not simple enough for Apple; the company has excised RSS entirely from Safari (and from Mail as well), leaving feed-parsing to external applications such as NetNewsWire or Reeder. If you have such a program installed and attempt to type in or click on a 'feed://' address, Safari will automatically punt you to your respective program;
otherwise, it displays an error."
        Jim has two comments,  "Darn! I liked having the RSS feed available in Mail. This is 'progress'?" However, he goes on to say, "A new feature in Mail is the ability to designate an email from a particular sender--such as 'Moi'--as a VIP...(grin)."

Get a Google+ Profile RSS Feed

What?  you say as you read the title here.  Yes, we need to consider the possibilities of Google+ and RSS and Twitter.  Jim Hamm provides this article with simple instructions.  Go to MakeUseOf newsletter and scroll down to to learn the latest.  Jim explains, "I'm not much of a user of Google+ yet, but it might be interesting to see if posts to Google+ would appear via RSS in Google Reader, which I use a lot."

A Look at Google+ . . . Updated

Here's a Computerworld look at the many features of the new Google+ which declares it will replace email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, blogging, RSS, Gmail and email newsletters.  The writer says that spammers can't copy, retain and sell your email address.  He says the term "social networking" is not an adequate term for Google+.  Jim Hamm sent us this info. Just now (7-12)  this PCWorld article tells about security risk issues involving an app that allows Firefox and Chrome users to view Facebook data within Google+.

Keep Up With Your PMUG, the RSS Way!

If it's logical, easy, and fun --- then it's Mac!  You want to keep up with the latest.  When you click on RSS you will be notified in your list of email.  Here's where you select RSS for the newsblog. Click to enlarge the screen shot.

Here's where you select RSS to get John Carter's posting to

And this is how it comes up in my email list in Mail.  Try it for yourself, and keep up with your PMUG.

RSS Makes Life Easier for You

Can RSS make life easier for you? De Prez Allen Laudenslager to the rescue! He says, "For those of us that want to keep up with some blogs (like the PMUG blog!) regularly, an RSS reader, (standing for Really Simple Syndication) makes life so much easier. I use NetNewsWire which is free (click to see download page with screen shots), but Google has a browser based RSS reader and there are others.

"I usually find a blog as a link from an article or a different blog and it opens in my browser. Once I decide I want to add it to NetNewsWire I just highlight the web address and then open NetNewsWire and from the File tool, select New Subscription and that auto-loads the web address into the selection tool, and I can either press OK or change the display name and then press OK."

Elaine adds here, "Want to use Google Reader, instead? Look at this info. Sounds easy, and I'm going to try it."

RSS Explained Some More, Hopefully

Updating what we posted on this blog on February 24:Have you solved RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to keep current with your favorite websites? You can set RSS for the PMUG site.

John Carter started us off on Monday with an email saying the RSS feed for the PMUG website appears to be working the way it should now. “After making two updates this morning, one in About Us and the other in Specials, I now see the update in my RSS feed as soon as I refresh the feed.”

I found his earlier email where John offers to help, "If you have any questions about how to subscribe to the PMUG RSS feed or whatever news reader to use, please send your questions."

Now, about using NetNewsWire as your RSS feed, Note that it’s a free Mac download.

Allen Laudenslager tells us, “In response to reports that the RSS button on the blog doesn’t work with NetNewsWire I found that if I open the PMUG blog in my web browser (Firefox) and highlight and copy the URL, then open NetNewsWire (my RSS reader) and lastly click on File and New Subscription a window opens that lets me paste the PMUG blog URL into NetNewsWire. Done this way, my reader automatically updates when something new is posted to the blog.”

Then to further clarify using NetNewsWire when it's open, Allen writes, “Click the Refresh All button on the top tool bar; that should bring in all the unread posts. You may have to highlight the oldest post and then move the cursor up to list them as read.”

Anybody else have comments about this?

PMUG website

The RSS feed in the PMUG website is now working.

You should unsubscribe from the current PMUG website in your newsreader (if you have done it) and subscribe once again.
Subscribing in NetNewsWire is easy. Just enter the URL as
Webmaster: John Carter
P.S. from Elaine: In the event that you missed the earlier post of February 24, De Prez Jim Hamm told about NetNewsWire and gave us this link,
More from John:
A little more detail is in order.
I can only talk about NetNewsWire because that's the RSS news reader that I use.
If you see a lot of duplicate entries in your PMUG website feed, then you need to unsubscribe (delete) that feed and subscribe again to the PMUG website feed.
In NetNewsWire, you right click on the feed entry and click on Unsubscribe...
When you subscribe to the PMUG feed, be sure you check the box next to "Sync this feed".
After subscribing to the PMUG feed, the new entry should just say "PMUG". When you click on PMUG, you should see twelve news items in the list. If you double-click on PMUG, you should be taken to the PMUG home page. Clicking again on PMUG shows the list again.
When pages are updated, a description of the update should show in the news panel.
The only advantage to subscribing to the PMUG website in your newsreader is to know when a change occurs to any of the pages.
It is interesting, and confusing, that the Mac Mail RSS newsreader always shows "Read more" on every news feed. What you see when you click on that is of course the page that has been identified as "new" or the content has been changed. And sometimes the only thing that changes with the PMUG website is maybe a few lines of code that don't even show up as a change in what you can see. That makes those update notices more annoying than informative. So it behooves one to pay attention to the message before visiting the website. For example, you might read, "This update affects only the format," or, "This update affects only the underlying code, there are no content changes." That update can be ignored unless you want to critic the change. But, "Updated Meeting minutes for the month of ...," is a significant change - not to be ignored.
Right now, all the messages simply summarize the content of the page.
Hope this helps.

Don't Miss Out!

(Safari, Opera and Firefox use different symbols)

The next time you log in to, look in the right corner of the address bar. John Carter makes it easy to keep up with the latest info. He explains,

"That symbol is for subscribing to the RSS feed. When you click on that the first time, your browser will notify you that you are choosing to subscribe to the PMUG RSS feed. There are nine items to choose from (nine PMUG pages). You can subscribe to as many as you like. When the page you have subscribed to changes, your RSS reader will notify you of that change.

"Please note that sometimes a page will be updated and you won't be able to see any change. That's because the changes may be in the code structure itself and not a visible change. I don't know yet if I can keep that kind of update from showing up."

Really Simple (Nearly)

Perhaps you’re puzzled with RSS, but you’d like to simplify getting news, weather, sports, and the latest stuff.

RSS means Really Simple Syndication, and now a free app, NetNewsWire, aggregates news from sources you choose. And you can link the RSS content on your computer with your iPhone or other mobile reader.

De Prez Jim Hamm alerts us to this very useful app he’s started up with. To get a quick overview of NetNewsWire view a short video at   Click on “Video” near the top on the right hand side of the “Welcome” page.

Look at the RSS Learning Center, and you’ll see why this might be helpful to both individuals and businesses. The link you’ll go to to download this free app is

You can subscribe to our PMUG newsletter while our page here is open and then opening NetNewsWire and choosing New Subscription from their menu.  Our URL comes up, and there you are!

Soon you'll find RSS is really simple.

Jim's Little Reminder

This is a reminder from "De Prez" about PMUG's Newsletter and Blog: If you have news, tips, tricks or suggestions relating to Apple, Macs, OS X, your travels, or other items of interest, please send them to Elaine at: so she can post them to the blog.

Also, it's convenient and handy to set it up as an RSS feed into Mail so that you are automatically notified when a new item is posted to the blog. Just scroll down to the bottom of the blog website and click "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)." This blog is a handy way for PMUG members to communicate with other members with items of interest. -- Jim Hamm