RSS Explained Some More, Hopefully

Updating what we posted on this blog on February 24:Have you solved RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to keep current with your favorite websites? You can set RSS for the PMUG site.

John Carter started us off on Monday with an email saying the RSS feed for the PMUG website appears to be working the way it should now. “After making two updates this morning, one in About Us and the other in Specials, I now see the update in my RSS feed as soon as I refresh the feed.”

I found his earlier email where John offers to help, "If you have any questions about how to subscribe to the PMUG RSS feed or whatever news reader to use, please send your questions."

Now, about using NetNewsWire as your RSS feed, Note that it’s a free Mac download.

Allen Laudenslager tells us, “In response to reports that the RSS button on the blog doesn’t work with NetNewsWire I found that if I open the PMUG blog in my web browser (Firefox) and highlight and copy the URL, then open NetNewsWire (my RSS reader) and lastly click on File and New Subscription a window opens that lets me paste the PMUG blog URL into NetNewsWire. Done this way, my reader automatically updates when something new is posted to the blog.”

Then to further clarify using NetNewsWire when it's open, Allen writes, “Click the Refresh All button on the top tool bar; that should bring in all the unread posts. You may have to highlight the oldest post and then move the cursor up to list them as read.”

Anybody else have comments about this?