Of Course, You're Careful . . .

        Scan the info that applies to you:  "Surprising Ways Hackers Can Steal Your Identity"  http://www.lifelock.com/education/crimes/surprising-ways-hackers-can-steal-your-identity   
        If you're a Facebook fan you'll want to look at this info:  http://www.lifelock.com/education/alerts/the-latest-scam/malicious-tagging-on-facebook/  
        Keeping informed and being careful are simply logical things to do! 

Keep Informed About Facebook

        Facebook can track everywhere you go online.  Keep informed, see what Kim Komando says.  http://www.komando.com/tips/12299/step-by-step-guide-to-lock-down-your-facebook-profile/2   She gives 5 pages of what and how-to. 
        (Remember to get a better page view to read go to the link, then see if Reader is in a little blue box at the top right side of the website URL line.  Click on Reader to avoid having to see all the ads on the pages.  When you're on the nice clear Reader page and want to go back to the original website page just click somewhere on the page you're now looking at, and that takes you back to the page with all those ads all over it. Yes, you probably would like to see who supports her page . . . and what else she's writing about.)

Facebook Scam

        "There's a new Facebook email scam going around now," John Carter warns.  "It has all the appearances of coming from Facebook, but it didn't. In the email, it says that your account has had some suspicious activity and that it has been blocked. You can unblock the account by clicking on the link in the email. DON'T! "
        And here's what to do, John says, "To confirm that your Facebook account is okay, just go to facebook.com and log in. Not surprisingly, you'll be able to log in with no problem.

Smart Photo Download Tip

        "Did you find a photo on the Internet or in your email that you want to save?" asks John Carter. He's going to tell us what to do.  "The best place for that photo is not on your computer in some picture folder, but in iPhoto (or even Aperture). Here's how.

        "If the photo shows up in your Facebook account (from a friend or family), or it's just sitting in some website that you came upon (like that fantastic image of Comet ISON in Astronomy.com), first, right click on the image. In the menu that pops up, select "Add Image to iPhoto Library":
       (Remember you can click on this screen shot to enlarge, then do Esc to come back to this page.)
        John continues, "If the image is in an email message, click and drag it into the iPhoto icon in the Dock.
        "And don't forget to rename the image, add a description, and give it some keywords to help you find it in the future.
       "More on this in November's General Meeting when I go into detail about how to manage and organize your iPhoto library."
       So be sure to mark your calendar or check your Calendar on the Dock for the November 16 meeting at 10 a.m. at the Prescott Public Library.  John will give us more help with photos. 

Learn About Social Media

         Bobbie Pastor reminds us about a presentation on Social Media to be held this Saturday, March 23.  Vice Prez Dave Rothgery announced it at our PMUG meeting last Saturday.  "Introduction to Using Social Media for Business"  It is hosted by SCORE at the Prescott Adult Center. http://www.scorenaz.org/score-workshop-13c.htm You can pay at the door. 
        You'll be briefed on info on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.  Note, Howard LaPittus is the man to call if you have questions.  That email is scoreoffice@scorenaz.org

FaceBook Concerns

        "For those of you with FaceBook accounts, and getting ready to upgrade to iOS 6 when it comes out, here's something else to worry about. iOS 6 will have the ability to sync your Contacts with your FaceBook friends. This is a two-way sync, so your Contacts (Address Book on older Macs) will potentially get a bunch of new information added. The problem is that FaceBook is scheming to increase the use of useless Facebook.com email addresses, and will send them to your Contacts. Check out the story for the details."  This info from Prez Art Gorski.  http://www.tuaw.com/2012/09/04/with-ios-6-your-address-book-may-be-invaded-by-facebook-com-em/

How to Be Unsociable on Facebook, etc.

        David Passell gets our attention with info on how to be unsociable.  He begins, "I don't know how many of our members are signed on to Facebook, or Twitter. I know that some use Gmail and may also have Google+. Here is an article about how to get rid of them if you feel unsociable : ) , but beware the warnings about Google+ if you have Gmail. I don't have Google+ or a Gmail address, but I understand, (dimly), that my cableone.net e-mail and spam filter are related to Gmail."
       David closes by suggesting members might be interested in a SIG or meeting on using these Social Services.  "Might also include Linkedin. You may not want to 'friend' or 'share' (such warm fuzzy terms :() but there are some interesting people you might want to 'like' or 'follow.'"

Compare Four Social Media

Compare Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+ with the help of this article.  Jim Hamm observes, "In the article the author comments that although Google+ is new and hasn’t yet found a niche, some proponents surmise that it might end up being a Facebook for grownups. I’ve only used Google+ briefly and it will be interesting to see how it develops. I’m a big fan of Google’s Gmail, Google Reader and Google News, so maybe this will fit right in the lineup. All these, plus more, can be accessed on the Google+ website."

A Look at Google+ . . . Updated

Here's a Computerworld look at the many features of the new Google+ which declares it will replace email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, blogging, RSS, Gmail and email newsletters.  The writer says that spammers can't copy, retain and sell your email address.  He says the term "social networking" is not an adequate term for Google+.  Jim Hamm sent us this info. Just now (7-12)  this PCWorld article tells about security risk issues involving an app that allows Firefox and Chrome users to view Facebook data within Google+.