RSS Makes Life Easier for You

Can RSS make life easier for you? De Prez Allen Laudenslager to the rescue! He says, "For those of us that want to keep up with some blogs (like the PMUG blog!) regularly, an RSS reader, (standing for Really Simple Syndication) makes life so much easier. I use NetNewsWire which is free (click to see download page with screen shots), but Google has a browser based RSS reader and there are others.

"I usually find a blog as a link from an article or a different blog and it opens in my browser. Once I decide I want to add it to NetNewsWire I just highlight the web address and then open NetNewsWire and from the File tool, select New Subscription and that auto-loads the web address into the selection tool, and I can either press OK or change the display name and then press OK."

Elaine adds here, "Want to use Google Reader, instead? Look at this info. Sounds easy, and I'm going to try it."