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iOS 7 Comments

        Here's Jim Hamm's comments on upgrading to iOS 7.  "Realizing that it's better to wait for some time before updating to a new iOS, I, of course, ignored my own advice and went ahead just now and updated my iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iPad Mini to iOS 7. 

       "All went well, and so far no problems or bugs noted, but discovery still underway. iOS 7 is quite different visually, functionally, and aesthetically -- but so far I like it quite well. I'm listening to the new iTunes Radio as I type this, and I'm gonna appreciate this as I enjoy listening to music as I surf the net on my computer. I suspect iTunes Radio may well put a little hurt on Pandora and other radio apps."
        And now, what did Zee do?  "My wife was showing me a few tips after her update and one she liked was telling Siri to play James Taylor -- which Siri obligingly did. And she asked Siri 'what is the weather in Prescott?' -- which Siri kindly told her. Kinda cool."
        Jim winds up this report with, "I did the update by plugging my devices into my MacBook Air, and the process went much quicker than my wife's updates, which she was doing via Wifi only and not plugged into her Mac. If you decide to update to iOS 7, don't forget to do a backup first, just in case. I backed up both to iCloud and my MacBook Air -- belt and suspenders, don't you know...(grin)." 

Mayo Clinic Using iPhone, iPad

        A recent posting at www.apple.com/hotnews brings up an interesting article about Mayo Clinic.  www.apple.com/ipad/business/profiles/mayo-clinic/   Using custom apps for physicians and patients on iPhone, iPad and iPad mini Mayo is "transforming the capabilities of individualized patient care."  It describes the app Synthesis Mobile that gives physicians instant access, and iOS provides security for patients using their password for personal information.  
        You can get Hot News info updated via RSS to NetNewsWire. 

How to Revive a Frozen iPhone

       Not having an iPhone, I thought of Zee and Jim Hamm.  Maybe this tip will be useful, so I emailed them this link to Here's the Thing blog.  Jim's reply,  "I wasn't aware of the website, and subscribed to their newsletter."

     He went on to explain, "Interestingly enough, last eve my new iPhone 5 locked up and I used this tip to unlock my phone. It worked.  
        "The new iPhone 5 is very nice — lighter and thinner than my iPhone 3. I also have the new iPad Mini — very nice and light also. . . 47% of the weight of a regular iPad, but has 66% of the screen size. A nice tradeoff. Zee is to receive hers Thursday."  (So much for the Christmas surprise, Jim?)
     Jim closes with, "I missed you at the joint PMUG/PCS meeting last Saturday. Big John Carter gave a good presentation, as usual."

Black Friday Deals

        Well, it's Black Friday, when the stores expect to be "in the black" when all the sales are tallied.  Maybe you're out shopping right now?  Here's from the link from InformationWeek,  pointing out Apple sales, listing discounts also at Best Buy and WalMart, the Apple online store, as well as giving links to find your local Apple Store.  Also, click to see an iPad Mini Tablet slideshow.
        Look at Apple's site, too. It's a one day sale. Save $ and have fun.

Set Up an eBook Library on an iPad

        "Here's a helpful article on how to set up an eBook Library on an iPad," says Jim Hamm.  He continues,  "At the Apple store this past Friday I took a look at the new iPad Mini, and because of its small size and light weight, it might make a good eBook reader. But as I played with it, I didn't like the small font size on websites. I had to increase the font in order to comfortably read it. I didn't like doing that. On my iPad 2 I can easily read website font, without adjustment, because of the larger size of the screen. 
        "Before buying an iPad Mini (if you should have an interest), be sure to look at the font size first. The font size on eBooks might be larger, but I wasn't able to check this out. For easy portability, though, the new iPad Mini would be handy. And, like all the iPads, it is a beautiful device.
        "At the Apple store I also compared, side by side, my iPad 2 with the new iPad 4. I couldn't tell an appreciable difference between the two. In theory, the iPad 4 has a better screen and a faster processor, but I couldn't tell a difference in performance or viewing.  If there was a difference, it wasn't enough to impress me."
        Here John Carter adds his opinion of the MakeUseOf newsletter earlier reviewed by Jim Hamm above, " In addition to the article, you'll find several advertisement links to free eBooks - but I would be careful about going there as you never know how much money those "free" eBooks will actually cost you.

        "There are also advertisement links to help you convert PDF files to the eBook format, links to help you write your own eBook, and links to help you self-publish your eBooks. Again, click with caution on any advertisement link."
        And John also mentions, "The article itself is chock full of suggestions and tips on how to find eBooks, and not just for the iPad, but for the Kindle as well. And did you know that you can read a Kindle eBook on the iPad? There's an app for that."

Possibly, an iPad Mini

        "Sending this link from PadGadget, Jim Hamm asks, "Could this rumor be true? What do you think: a good move for Apple or not? Zee just received her new 'mini' Kindle, and is it ever small and light, but has the same screen size as a regular Kindle. It is a pleasure to hold and read books on it. It is unbelievably thin and light. She has 363 books stored on it! Digital downloads is a market that will grow, in my opinion, and I think it would be smart for Apple to participate more fully in it by offering a lower-cost iPad.
        "I'm relatively new to the digital download world, but I've taken a liking to it, and enjoy the ease of getting books from the library and reading them on my iPad. I just downloaded a new book from the library this morning, and didn't have to budge from my easy chair to search for and get the book. Nice. An iPad Mini with a lighter weight is an intriguing thought for me."