iPad Comparison and Help

If you may be in the market for a new iPad, here is an article comparing the different models. It's also rumored that Apple might release a new version of the iPad Pro sometime this year. 

Now, to go with your new iPad here is an article with troubleshooting tips that will be helpful if your iPad should act up a bit. Might be a good idea to place an icon of this article on the screen of your iPad for future reference. That's what I will do.

Jim Hamm

Is Your iPad Obsolete?

No doubt if you have an iPad, you enjoy it for its versatility and lightness. I sure do enjoy mine. Then I came across this article asking if my iPad is obsolete? What? Not my iPad, for sure, I thought. Then I checked, and sure enough I'm using an obsolete iPad -- well, technically obsolete, at least according to this article. 

You might check your iPad to see which one you have, then check the article for its status and what you can expect as far as updates go. Just open 'Settings' then click 'About' to find out.

Jim Hamm


iPad or iPhone Charging

For your possible interest, here is part of an article written by Hadley Markoski of Small Dog Electronics (http://www.smalldog.com/) that provides info on the charging of your iPhone or iPad. Note especially the last paragraph.

Jim Hamm

"all devices with lithium ion batteries have on-board charge controllers that regulate the charging. Many modular lithium batteries have protection circuits built into them by default. So no matter how much charge current is available, the controller will always have the last say about how much of it hits the battery. This is why you can charge your iPhone with a larger iPad charger. Just because the larger charger is rated for 10-watts (2 amps) doesn’t mean it’ll be delivering that all the time. It means it can deliver up to that if necessary. There is some portion of the iPhone’s charging profile where the extra power can be safely used, but it’s only some portion of the charge process, not all of it. This is why your iPhone will charge faster, but not twice as fast.

Can you go the other direction and charge your iPad with the iPhone charger to extend it’s battery life by charging it more slowly? No. This will not work because the iPad’s larger battery requires the extra power to charge it. The battery cannot be properly charged without the full 10 watts being available. This is why you’ll often see USB chargers say that they can or cannot be used to charge tablets. All tablets, not just Apple’s, typically require 2 amps. USB ports on most computers follow the USB bus protocol which means they can only output 0.5 amps or 0.9 in some cases. USB-C can output up to 3 amps. This is why your iPad may not charge when plugged into your laptop (though it can still transfer data over USB).

These charging rules basically apply across Apple’s entire line of products. You can always charge a smaller device/battery with a larger charger, but not a larger device with a smaller charger. Obviously this only works if the voltages are the same. You cannot charge your iPhone with the charger for your MacBook because the voltages are different (as well as the plugs)."

When traveling, my iPad is essential and my Mac is the add-on | Macworld

Here is an article by Jason Snell (former editor of MacWorld magazine) wherein he explains how the iPad has almost -- but not quite -- replaced his Mac when he travels. I can identify with this article. I have both a Mac laptop and iPad, and find I tend to take my iPad with me when I travel. For several reasons: it's lighter; it has cellular capability (which I find very useful); and with a Zagg Bluetooth keyboard it makes typing so much easier (for me, anyway). Having said all this, though, overall I still prefer the greater capabilities of using my MacBook Pro at home.

Jim Hamm

Why force quitting apps to save battery life is a terrible idea

Jim Hamm found a very helpful and informative article on when/how to shut down apps in your iPhone or iPad.  Quick summary: it's best to just use the home button to shut down apps.  He was not doing this but was using the wrong procedure as outlined in the article. Shared from Zite: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2015/10/09/why-force-quitting-apps-to-save-battery-life-is-a-terrible-idea/


Wi-Fi Assist

If you are running iOS 9 on an iPhone or iPad and have purchased a cellular data plan, here is an article you will want to read. There is a new "feature" in iOS 9 that automatically switches your device from wifi to cellular if iOS 9 deems the wifi signal to be too weak. It is called "wi-fi assist". Jim Hamm does not like this "feature".  He travels frequently, and wifi signals are often weak in hotels and RV parks.  He does not want his iPhone or iPad to switch to cellular without his OK since he could easily burn through his cellular plan data cap and not even realize it.  Fortunately, this "feature" can be turned off.

Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard

        "If there's any 'iPaders' in our azapple group, the following comments are for you," says Jim Hamm.  He continues, " I've owned an iPad for a long time, but had never used a separate keyboard with it previously. Then my wife got a Zagg bluetooth keyboard for her iPad, and really liked it. So, not to be left behind, I bought one from Amazon for my iPad. What a difference this keyboard makes. Really nice.

        "If you've already moved to a  bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, read no further. For the rest of you, I recommend you try one." 
        Jim explains, "I didn't realize how much easier, and nicer, it is to type on a keyboard instead of tapping on the screen with my finger. And the best thing I like about it is no more -- to correct a mistake -- a finger on the screen, with the bubble, trying to move the cursor around. Now I just use the up/down/back/forward arrows on the keyboard to move the cursor and correct a misspelling. I like this.
        "We're presently on an RV caravan tour and I haven't even used my MacBook Air once since we left. I find it so convenient and handy just to use my iPad with the Zagg keyboard. Plus, since I've got a cellular data package for my iPad, I don't have to worry if we don't have wifi in the campground. Like right now -- no wifi but a good LTE signal.
        "There are other brands of keyboards available for the iPad, but the Zagg is the only one I've tried. There were over a thousand reviews on Amazon for the Zagg keyboard for my particular iPad, with most of them favorable."
        And Jim concludes, "I'm not pushing Zagg -- only the use of a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.  Just a thought for your consideration."

Discussing iPad Features

        Maybe you saw the latest from Apple's page: http://www.apple.com/ipad/change-everything/    and maybe you even looked at the drone you'll be drooling over?  Costs a mere $499.95.   http://store.apple.com/us/product/HH4W2/parrot-bebop-drone   
        But, hold it.  Jim Hamm has some thoughts to pass on. "If you use the iPad then you might have an interest in the following comments. It was posted to a Forum I subscribe to. I hadn't read any of this previously, so have no idea of its veracity. 
        "One thought I have is with this increased screen size it will be heavy. One advantage of the present iPad -- for me, anyway -- is its light weight. Looking at the other comments, I don't see any feature that excites me. And it all may just be a rumor anyway."
        Here's the comments Jim found: 
"Don’t get a new iPad (yet)… Details about the next-generation iPad have leaked out.  So, if you were planning on buying a new iPad any time soon, you may want to hold off until the Fall.
         Apple will be releasing the "iPad Pro", which is larger than the current iPad (12.9 inch display instead of the current 9.7 inch display.)
         If the larger display isn’t that interesting to you. You may also want to consider the added features that the next iPad is rumored to have, including…
* Force Touch technology that was introduced on the Apple Watch. This feature will allow you to press a little harder on the screen to bring up extra sets of options. While this might not sound that interesting now, it may be a critical technology to have with certain apps in the future.
* A new USB-C port for charging, transferring files and video output to monitors or your TV.
* Near Field Communication which will enable Apple Pay on the iPad.
* A Bluetooth stylus may be included with increased sensitivity to make drawing and handwriting on the iPad more accurate.
        I’m going to hold off until the fall for my next iPad. Maybe I’ll get myself the new Apple Watch to hold me over until then :-)"

Apps That Are Vulnerable

        Alert and aware! We spare ourselves a lot of trouble by keeping informed.  The ArsTechnica article of April 20 declares about 1,500 iPhone and iPad apps contain a vulnerability that makes it easy for your encrypted passwords, bank account numbers and other sensitive information to be intercepted.  The article of April 20 needs your attention. http://arstechnica.com/security/2015/04/1500-ios-apps-have-https-crippling-bug-is-one-of-them-on-your-device/

iPad, Five Years Later

        "If you own an iPad, you may recall it was released a little over five years ago by Apple. Here is an interesting -- if somewhat lengthy -- article with comments from various writers on their initial and later perspective of what the iPad was all about," says Jim Hamm.  
        He concludes, "Although, for me, the iPad won't replace a computer, I find it quite handy to have, and feel like my iPad and computer work quite well together, and I wouldn't want to be without either."

"Freak" Bug Update

        John Carter passes along some VERY important info.  "Both Microsoft and Apple have announced that they have released a patch for the FREAK bug. See full article here.
        "In this article, it explains a lot more about the 'Freak' bug and what you can do to find out if your browser is safe to use and even if a website you want to visit is safe to use. The article is written for Mac users, but the method for determining if your browser is safe is essentially the same." 

        John continues, "For all users, check this site to determine if the website you want to visit is secure. The sad news is that your favorite website may fail. It could be only because the site does not have an updated security certificate, or it may be vulnerable to an attack by some issue other than FREAK, so you’re just going to have to take your chances if you insist on going there. For example, my personal website is vulnerable because the hosting service is vulnerable.
        "I have tested the latest Safari browser and have determined that it is safe to use - and this was confirmed after the latest Apple security updates have been installed. I have also just updated Windows 8.1 and tested MSIE and found it to be safe. 
        "The Win 10 Beta with the latest updates is secure for MSIE, Firefox, and Chrome.
        "However, Windows 7, even with the latest update, still has the vulnerable MSIE, and this also applies to both the latest Firefox and Chrome browsers on Win 7. Please continue to monitor your Windows 7 update for updates.
        "It is still recommended that Firefox be the browser to use (instead of MSIE or Safari)."
        John concludes with this, "In addition, Apple has just release iOS 8.2 for the iPhone and iPad, and this release fixes the FREAK bug for those devices. See full article here."

Is iOS 8.2 Killing Your Battery Life?

 Here is a tip that might help the battery life on your iPhone or iPad if you've
installed iOS 8.2."  Jim Hamm explains, " I checked the Fitness and Tracking app on my                                                       devices, and it was turned on in both. Why or how it got turned on, or why it's even there,
I don't know, but I turned it off. Might help the battery life as the article states."

Electronic Device Batteries

        "What's the best way to increase the lifespan of the battery in your smartphone, tablet or computer? Here's an article with useful tips," remarks Jim Hamm.  
        "What's the best way to increase the daily battery life of your device so it doesn't run down during the day? Here's what Apple has to say about that.
        "It seems it's best not to discharge the battery in your device down to zero as there is a finite number of times the battery can do that and still take a charge. Also, it seems it's OK to leave the device plugged in overnight (if you should want to) as long as you remove any cover so the heat can dissipate.
        "Will apps running in the background on your device drain battery life? I've read articles claiming yes and no. This article states apps running in the background do not drain battery life, at least on an Apple device.
        And here's Jim's latest experience.  "What I have found, though, on my iPad, if I keep opening apps and websites eventually my iPad slows down and gets 'buggy'. By doing a reset and closing everything down, everything runs smoothly again when it reopens."

Super Bowl! Live Streams!

        Today is Super Bowl Day!  

        "If, by chance, you're not near a TV for today's Super Bowl, not to worry," declares Jim Hamm.   "You can watch the game on your computer, iPad or iPhone. Take a read here.  I'll be watching the game on TV but I might dial-in my iPad a time or two just to see what the game would look like on a small screen.
        "Watch the game on an iPhone? Not for me -- screen is way too small."