PMUG website

The RSS feed in the PMUG website is now working.

You should unsubscribe from the current PMUG website in your newsreader (if you have done it) and subscribe once again.
Subscribing in NetNewsWire is easy. Just enter the URL as
Webmaster: John Carter
P.S. from Elaine: In the event that you missed the earlier post of February 24, De Prez Jim Hamm told about NetNewsWire and gave us this link,
More from John:
A little more detail is in order.
I can only talk about NetNewsWire because that's the RSS news reader that I use.
If you see a lot of duplicate entries in your PMUG website feed, then you need to unsubscribe (delete) that feed and subscribe again to the PMUG website feed.
In NetNewsWire, you right click on the feed entry and click on Unsubscribe...
When you subscribe to the PMUG feed, be sure you check the box next to "Sync this feed".
After subscribing to the PMUG feed, the new entry should just say "PMUG". When you click on PMUG, you should see twelve news items in the list. If you double-click on PMUG, you should be taken to the PMUG home page. Clicking again on PMUG shows the list again.
When pages are updated, a description of the update should show in the news panel.
The only advantage to subscribing to the PMUG website in your newsreader is to know when a change occurs to any of the pages.
It is interesting, and confusing, that the Mac Mail RSS newsreader always shows "Read more" on every news feed. What you see when you click on that is of course the page that has been identified as "new" or the content has been changed. And sometimes the only thing that changes with the PMUG website is maybe a few lines of code that don't even show up as a change in what you can see. That makes those update notices more annoying than informative. So it behooves one to pay attention to the message before visiting the website. For example, you might read, "This update affects only the format," or, "This update affects only the underlying code, there are no content changes." That update can be ignored unless you want to critic the change. But, "Updated Meeting minutes for the month of ...," is a significant change - not to be ignored.
Right now, all the messages simply summarize the content of the page.
Hope this helps.