Mountain Lion Makes RSS Changes in Mail

          Changes?  Oh, yes.  Jim Hamm must be frowning as he sends us this: "Here are a couple of articles:   One and the other one, describing changes coming in Mountain Lion. I'm gonna miss the RSS feed into Mail, which I presently use quite a bit.  He quotes this part, "Look to the right, and you may notice Safari’s first major missing feature: RSS. It looks as though Really Simple Syndication was just not simple enough for Apple; the company has excised RSS entirely from Safari (and from Mail as well), leaving feed-parsing to external applications such as NetNewsWire or Reeder. If you have such a program installed and attempt to type in or click on a 'feed://' address, Safari will automatically punt you to your respective program;
otherwise, it displays an error."
        Jim has two comments,  "Darn! I liked having the RSS feed available in Mail. This is 'progress'?" However, he goes on to say, "A new feature in Mail is the ability to designate an email from a particular sender--such as 'Moi'--as a VIP...(grin)."