Learn Via Video, etc.

        Helpful PMUG leader John Carter scores big with this link,  and you'll want to take a look at this website.  Turns out they have more than 900 FREE video tutorials on how to use your Mac, iPad, iPhone and other Apple Technology.  
        And here's some very welcome news: They never sell, rent or share your email address.  Read details at Policies. 
       No, we're not listing all 900 of their video tutorials.  But look at some of these other helpful categories.  

Here's another list of pages you'll want to check out. 
And this concludes the August PMUG meeting handout that's not getting handed out tomorrow, August 16; it's just posted here for your convenience.  Thanks again to John Carter who keeps an eye out for useful info for us.  
by Elaine Hardt. 

Learn About Social Media

         Bobbie Pastor reminds us about a presentation on Social Media to be held this Saturday, March 23.  Vice Prez Dave Rothgery announced it at our PMUG meeting last Saturday.  "Introduction to Using Social Media for Business"  It is hosted by SCORE at the Prescott Adult Center. You can pay at the door. 
        You'll be briefed on info on  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.  Note, Howard LaPittus is the man to call if you have questions.  That email is

Do You Tweet?

        This article claims the Library of Congress is archiving every message sent from Twitter's six-year history from spring of 2006 to December 2012 — a total of 170 billion tweets —  and states, “ . . . the struggle now is for the LOC to create a keyword-searchable catalog for the vast amount of metadata associated with the archive, including the time and location that indicate a tie to certain events.”   Is anyone concerned about privacy? 

How to Be Unsociable on Facebook, etc.

        David Passell gets our attention with info on how to be unsociable.  He begins, "I don't know how many of our members are signed on to Facebook, or Twitter. I know that some use Gmail and may also have Google+. Here is an article about how to get rid of them if you feel unsociable : ) , but beware the warnings about Google+ if you have Gmail. I don't have Google+ or a Gmail address, but I understand, (dimly), that my e-mail and spam filter are related to Gmail."
       David closes by suggesting members might be interested in a SIG or meeting on using these Social Services.  "Might also include Linkedin. You may not want to 'friend' or 'share' (such warm fuzzy terms :() but there are some interesting people you might want to 'like' or 'follow.'"

Get a Google+ Profile RSS Feed

What?  you say as you read the title here.  Yes, we need to consider the possibilities of Google+ and RSS and Twitter.  Jim Hamm provides this article with simple instructions.  Go to MakeUseOf newsletter and scroll down to to learn the latest.  Jim explains, "I'm not much of a user of Google+ yet, but it might be interesting to see if posts to Google+ would appear via RSS in Google Reader, which I use a lot."

Compare Four Social Media

Compare Facebook vs. Twitter vs. LinkedIn vs. Google+ with the help of this article.  Jim Hamm observes, "In the article the author comments that although Google+ is new and hasn’t yet found a niche, some proponents surmise that it might end up being a Facebook for grownups. I’ve only used Google+ briefly and it will be interesting to see how it develops. I’m a big fan of Google’s Gmail, Google Reader and Google News, so maybe this will fit right in the lineup. All these, plus more, can be accessed on the Google+ website."

A Look at Google+ . . . Updated

Here's a Computerworld look at the many features of the new Google+ which declares it will replace email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, blogging, RSS, Gmail and email newsletters.  The writer says that spammers can't copy, retain and sell your email address.  He says the term "social networking" is not an adequate term for Google+.  Jim Hamm sent us this info. Just now (7-12)  this PCWorld article tells about security risk issues involving an app that allows Firefox and Chrome users to view Facebook data within Google+.