Prediction About Gmail

        "I like Gmail and have used it for years. But here is an article that was written a few months ago, and which I just now read, that predicts Google will drop Gmail down the road. The author explains why he thinks this is so, and his premise sounds very realistic to me. It seems Gmail doesn't directly generate income for Google, and I hadn't really thought about this, but I'm sure Google has."  And here Jim Hamm grins.         "Recently Google offered another email client called 'Inbox.' I took a look at it, and didn't like what I saw. I hope the author is wrong in his prognostication, as I'd sure be disappointed if Gmail disappears."

Gmail: A Handy Tip

        "Gmail saves everything you have deleted for up to 30 days," says John Carter.  He continues,  "You can find those deleted items in the 'All Mail' folder of Gmail. That folder contains the master of every message you ever received, ever sent, and ever deleted. If you have the 'All Mail' folder visible in the Mail app, you can do a search for any message using that folder.

        He goes on to explain, "Now let’s say you want to clean up the messages in 'All Mail.' First, click on that folder to select it (it will be highlighted). Next, enter a keyword or phrase in the search field (upper right corner of the Mail app) and hit the return key. In the list that is returned, select the items to be deleted and click on the 'delete' icon in the Mail toolbar. Those items will disappear from 'All Mail.'
        "You’re not done. What you just deleted will now show up in the Trash folder of Mail. Empty the Trash. If you don’t do this, then when you do another search with that keyword in 'All Mail,'  they will show up again, and that could be frustrating."  And if this tip is handy mention it to John.  He finds lots of good stuff for us.

The Future of Gmail

        Jim Hamm takes a look at Gmail. "I like and have used Google's web-based Gmail for my email client for several years. Here is an article that postulates that Google will drop Gmail within five years, and explains why the author thinks so.

        "Although I don't like this thought, the author does mention some good reasons why Google might drop Gmail. In a word or so: no revenue for Google in Gmail." 

Warning: Gmail Scam

        This warning comes from John Carter.  Read carefully, and consider this: "There is another message going around regarding Gmail accounts that could be a scam.  Below are the details. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK IN THE MESSAGE. If you are really concerned that your email is being attacked, go directly to your Gmail account online and change your password there.
        "The curious thing about the attached message is that it was sent on March 28 at 9:53 PM and the incident is reported as happening at 1:53 AM the following morning. Even if the message was sent from California, there is only a three hour difference between New Jersey and California."
          Click to enlarge.  Here's what the suspicious email says:  

Gmail in Mavericks

        Here's a warning from Jim Hamm about Mavericks,  "If you use a Gmail  account for your emails, and use the Mac Mail app to download your emails, according to this article you may have a problem. Trying to read and understand the article almost gave me a headache, so I hope you do better.

        "I use Gmail, but on the web server. I haven't downloaded emails into Mac Mail or any other program, such as Thunderbird, for years. I just prefer to use Gmail's web server program. It simplifies my email life.
        Jim closes with, "If you've installed Mavericks, and download your email into Mac Mail, you may want to take a peak at this article. Good luck...(grin)" 

Google Defends Sanning Email

"Here is an article discussing how Google defends their scanning every email sent or received through Gmail. Google says this is a 'normal business practice', and uses the info to tailor ads that appear beside your inbox."  Jim Hamm continues,  "I use Gmail, and the adds don't bother me, but I'm not fond of the idea of Google scanning the contents of every email sent through their system. On the other hand, Google is providing a useful service for free, so something or someone has to foot the costs.

        Jim goes on to comment,  "Perhaps Google already states this in their terms of agreement when one sets up a Gmail account, but wording somewhat to the following seems fair to me: as a user of the free Gmail email service the user agrees to having all sent or received emails subject to scanning by Google. If one doesn't like this, then don't sign up for the Gmail service -- use something else for your email service.
        So, this is Jim's question,  "I don't know, but perhaps other free email services such as Yahoo, Outlook Express and others may do the same thing. What do you think about Google's scanning of your emails? Armed with this knowledge, surely you won't send any of your passwords via email anymore, will you...(grin)."

Gmail Bug Fixed?

        Got Gmail?  John Carter has info for you!  "It appears that Google has fixed an annoying bug in Gmail. I recently reported that it was next to impossible to delete a message from the All Mail label if it was visible in Apple Mail. I keep trying from time to time, and today I can report that I think it has actually been fixed.

        "If you have All Mail showing under GMAIL->[Gmail] in the sidebar of Mail (see image below), and there's messages you want to delete from that mailbox, give it a try. The messages should then show up in the GMAIL->[Gmail]->Trash, which you then have to highlight and delete, whereupon they will then show up in MAILBOXES->Trash, that you then have to empty. I know, pain in the ... . But that they best than can be done - for now.Messages deleted from All Mail will show up in the Trash mailbox just below All Mail. Messages deleted from that Trash mailbox will show up in the Trash mailbox at the top."

Gmail Full-Screen

        "If you use Gmail on their website -- as I do --" says Jim Hamm,   "soon there will be a change to the 'Compose' format: it will go full-screen. Take a read here. This will be a welcome change. 

        "If you download Gmail emails into your computer's email program, you probably won't notice any change as the formatting will be specific to that particular program, such as Mail, or Thunderbird, or whatever." 

Tagging Photos and Files

        Prez Art Gorski read what John said about tagging photos and files in his email just now.  Here's Art's comment, "This reminded me of Gmail, where, unlike normal IMAP email, you use tags instead of folders. Methinks this, like documents in iCloud, is another nail in the coffin of a file system with folders. Apple has apparently decided that most folks can't deal with a directory structure. Want more proof? Spotlight searching for documents and All My Files in the Finder."

Gmail's New Inbox

        "If you use Gmail as your email client -- as I do --" Jim Hamm begins, " here is an article explaining the details of Gmail's new inbox, should you decide to try it. I've been aware of this new feature for some time, but haven't tried it yet -- but I think I'll give it a try now to see what I think about it. It would be nice , for example, to get the offers for coupons from, say, Red Lobster, all to appear in one inbox, Promotions, instead of being intermingled with my other emails. Plus, if you don't like this new feature you can always change back to the format you're accustomed to.

        "Just click the gear icon in the upper right of your screen and select 'Configure Inbox.' Good luck...(grin)...Now, if you don't use Gmail, you're missing a very good email client," Jim says in closing. 

What's in Your Wallet?

        "If you use Google's Gmail there's a new app coming: Google Wallet. Here is an article describing the features, which are primarily a way to move money around, somewhat similar to PayPal. 

        "When Google Wallet is available, let's set up a test -- let's see if you can use Google Wallet to send $100 to me. That way we'll be on the leading edge of testing a new app.....(grin)."  ...Jim Hamm