Internet Videos Show "How To"

           Want to do more on Mac, your iPhone, your iPad?  John Carter found a site for you that has 500+ video tutorials.  
        John says, "There are several places on the Internet where you can get video tutorials that clearly step through the processes one needs to know to accomplish what may seem at the outset to be only for gurus. 
        "For instance, you’ve probably heard about Pixelmator and how it can give you fine control over editing a photo at a fraction of the price of Adobe Photoshop CS. Or, now that Yosemite is out, just how much more can it do and how can you discover how to use those new features? 
        "From iOS to Mac, there is one place dedicated to helping Mac users learn all they can, and even introduce applications you’ve probably never heard of, and that’s"  

Yosemite Tutorial Available

        "If you've upgraded to Yosemite, no doubt you are aware of the many reviews and articles that are available about the new features contained therein. Here is a 50-minute video tutorial that I found helpful," writes Jim Hamm.   "Two comments from the reviewer that I take exception to: he mentions that he feels a minimum of 8 GB of RAM is required to run Yosemite. I concur that 8GB would be nice, but by no means necessary. I have 4 GB of RAM and am running Yosemite quite satisfactorily. 

        "He also believes that Yosemite was released prematurely, and that people should wait about 6 weeks before upgrading. That may or may not be true, but the release is close enough for me. The few bugs I can deal with, and I like experimenting anyway.
        "There is one feature that most reviewers think is 'half-baked' or 'buggy' — Handoffs or Continuity. This is where one can be on, say, a website in Safari on your Mac, then go to your iPad or iPhone, and pick up right where you left off."
        Jim comments,  "I can't tell if this 'tis or tain't' true because I've not been able to enable this on either my Mac or iPad. More research needed here on my part.
        "Other than that, the reviewer does a nice job of explaining the nuances of Yosemite. If you've got 50 minutes to spare or invest, sit back, get a cup of coffee,  and take a look. Also, you'll note, the website contains many other reviews available."

Learn Via Video, etc.

        Helpful PMUG leader John Carter scores big with this link,  and you'll want to take a look at this website.  Turns out they have more than 900 FREE video tutorials on how to use your Mac, iPad, iPhone and other Apple Technology.  
        And here's some very welcome news: They never sell, rent or share your email address.  Read details at Policies. 
       No, we're not listing all 900 of their video tutorials.  But look at some of these other helpful categories.  

Here's another list of pages you'll want to check out. 
And this concludes the August PMUG meeting handout that's not getting handed out tomorrow, August 16; it's just posted here for your convenience.  Thanks again to John Carter who keeps an eye out for useful info for us.  
by Elaine Hardt. 

FREE Video Tutorials Available

        John Carter knows how to get our attention!  "Once in a while I run into a great find on the Internet, and this one is a keeper.

        " features video tutorials for everything Mac - from iPhones to Macs. The best part, for me anyway, is that all of the tutorials are available FREE in iTunes. And there is a newsletter that you can subscribe to and keep up to date with the latest Mac information.
        "Just a few days ago, the video "Mac OS X Cat Names" appeared on the scene. Gary Rozenzweig, the author and creator of MacMost, gives a full accounting of all the names Apple has been using for the various OS X releases - from the 10.0 Beta right up to 10.8. It's really worth watching, and I'm sure you'll get a lot from all of his other videos no matter how old they are.
        And here's John's recommendation to all of our readers here:  "Personally, I've already subscribed to the tutorials in iTunes and the newsletter. I'm hoping you will too, because I'm letting you know now that instead of me creating professional looking tutorials I'm going to let Gary do all the work."  

Restore Lost Photos, Documents, Archives!

         The slogan, "It simply works!" grabs our attention.  Who hasn't accidentally lost photos or videos, documents, or archives from a hard disk or even from a digital camera memory?
        John Carter has recovered thousands of files from flash drives that anyone might say there was no way anything could be left on it to recover. A companion program that comes with Photorec is Testdisk. Testdisk claims to be able to restore a damaged hard drive. Access the full PDF article in the Reviews page here  on the PMUG website.  John includes detailed instructions on how to use the program.  Click on the Command + to enlarge the small illustrations. 

Curiosity Due to Land on Mars, August 5

         And you thought your computer was a scientific marvel . . . but expand your imagination viewing the fascinating video of details of Curiosity, a car-size robotic explorer which is set to land on Mars on Sunday night, August 5.   

        Is it worth the $$$?  Jim Hamm comments,   "Now this IS rocket science, it IS amazing, and it IS amazingly complex. Look at what all has to happen to make a landing on Mars, which is scheduled for August 5. I hope it turns out okay, but the odds don't look so good to me.
        "Now, I'm a fan of discovery and innovation, but I have to wonder, what did this cost and what will the average person get out of it? Could the money spent have been put to better use? I'm sure there's lots of opinions on this."

Watch the Olympics

Watch the Olympics in London via a free app for your iPad, Jim Hamm tells us.  And you can watch streaming video from any computer on numerous websites.  Read about it here.Jim Hamm also found this article about various ways to watch the Olympics this year.  This describes the Alert Me feature that will email you about a half-hour before every event that you select will start.

Where Is It? Now, We Know

Wonder no longer.  David Passell shares this interesting info:  "Many others --  and I -- have always speculated on what would happen if a sunspot storm, high-altitude nuclear blast, or other event might cut off internet service.  I always thought that internet was carried via satellites.  Well, I was wrong.  It is underwater.  Here's a short, informative video from Kim Komando that will explain it to you."  Like David, we're relieved to hear this!

FREE Video Tutorials

        "Are you hungry for more video tutorials for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad?" John Carter asks.  Read on, and note that wonderful word FREE.
        Here's what John wants us to know:  "ScreenCastsOnline posts a new video tutorial every week. Don McAllister is the host and founder of ScreenCastsOnline.
        "You can get three FREE tutorials just for the asking — and no obligation. To become a member and be able to download and keep as many tutorials as your hard disc and brain can hold will cost you $57 for a 3-month membership (marked down from $249) and renew for 12 months for just $45. The tutorials are DRM FREE and yours to keep.
        "Don has already published over 300 tutorials covering 60 topics since 2005, and I imagine you can download every one of them well within that 3-month period.
        "Don also has a blog that you can follow, and his most recent blog expresses his disappointment over the latest release of Final Cut Pro X. This particular blog is a 10-minute video that he recorded, probably with his iPhone, as he drives home from a training session on FCP X. Remarkable!"
        John closes with this:  "I viewed one of his videos on ForkLift2, and I am impressed both with ForkLift2 and Don’s professional presentation."

Adding Video to Email

Maybe you already know how? De Prez Allen Laudenslager writes, "I was trying to send a video clip as an email attachment and it shows up as a thumbnail, way too small to be viewed, as I am composing the message. That really threw me! I checked with Apple and that's normal and when you actually send the email the clip is about 2 inches square and big enough to view. If you save the attachment, then all the features of Quicktime become available.

"After I sent the email, I looked in the sent folder and the video clip looks right (about 2 inches sq) in that copy of the message."

With no experience in adding video to email I turned to Apple's site for help. Anyone else conquered that challenge?

Art Takes Good Pictures

New PMUG member Art Gorski takes good pictures. He’s just published 143 photos from his iPhoto picture albums and 2 iMovie videos to his MobileMe gallery directly from those iLife applications. He’s got good looking relatives shown on still photos (those are all your relatives, Art?) but do not miss the narrated movie of his trip to the Grand Canyon. Thanks, Art, for the e-mail informing us of your latest fun with Mac.