How to Be Unsociable on Facebook, etc.

        David Passell gets our attention with info on how to be unsociable.  He begins, "I don't know how many of our members are signed on to Facebook, or Twitter. I know that some use Gmail and may also have Google+. Here is an article about how to get rid of them if you feel unsociable : ) , but beware the warnings about Google+ if you have Gmail. I don't have Google+ or a Gmail address, but I understand, (dimly), that my e-mail and spam filter are related to Gmail."
       David closes by suggesting members might be interested in a SIG or meeting on using these Social Services.  "Might also include Linkedin. You may not want to 'friend' or 'share' (such warm fuzzy terms :() but there are some interesting people you might want to 'like' or 'follow.'"