Apple watch

Apple Watch

Apparently the Apple watch has been a success, but not all are thrilled with its features. In the following article Kirk McElhearn -- a noted blogger and writer about Apple products -- has one and doesn't care for it. He doesn't hate it, but doesn't find it useful or comfortable to wear, as he explains in the article.

As with anything in life, opinions vary. Kirk has his, and explained it well in his article.

Jim Hamm

The Watch is Here

        That's the headline today at  Jim Hamm adds this:  "I think today the new Apple Watch is officially launched.  Here is a video by a watch blogger showing and describing his first impressions of the watch as he unboxes it. Although getting one is not in my 'Bucket List', I found the video to be interesting to watch. It's almost as though I'm handling and looking at the watch myself.

        "Now, will this watch be useful or just a 'geeky' toy? As more people get and start using the watch, we'll find out how useful it might be -- there will be lots of blogs."
        Jim goes on to explain, "My impressions after watching the video: very high quality appearance; lots of 'foo-foo' stuff preloaded; the watch wants to come on and display the time every time the wrist is moved, which will be a drain on battery life; easy to change watch bands, which will be nice; many third-party apps will soon be available, which may improve the usefulness of the watch -- as in health apps.
        "Smart watches have been available for some time, so it will be interesting to see how well the Apple Watch will be received in the marketplace. Initial sales seem to be strong -- at least for those that already own an iPhone, which is needed to make the watch useful."

Apple Watch is Almost Here

              Available 4.24.15; yes, the Apple Watch is almost here.  Pre-order now!  Watch the Guided Tours!
            David Passell sends this link about the Apple Watch with his announcement, "I am not going to buy one."

Bling or Practicality?

        "This article is interesting in its price comparison of bling and practicality," comments David Passell.  He continues,  "I personally am happy with my old radioactive 'Microtec' watch, though the Tritium is over its half-life:). I wonder if the Watch will be the Newton of the 21st century. (I see links to other articles on Apple at the article.)"

Fascinating Photos: Making the Apple Watch

        Jim Hamm informs us, "Although an Apple watch is not in my Bucket List, I can appreciate all the care and effort Apple puts into making the watch, as the following blog shows. Add to this the cost of developing the software, and it's easy to see why the watch may be considered pricey by some. 

        "Although the blog may be of more interest to engineering-type people, and not for the casual consumer, I found it quite interesting to read about all the precision going into the manufacture of this new watch. I suspect it will be a success for Apple."

Do You NEED an Apple Watch?

        Here's something from Jim Hamm to think about: "Although the upcoming Apple smart watch may not be in your future, you may enjoy reading this article discussing how Apple wants to convince people to wear a watch again, after the iPhone helped convince people they didn't really need to wear a watch at all if they have a smartphone. The article was written by a watch aficionado, who writes a blog about watches, and he makes some good points
on how Apple will convince people they need to wear a watch again. 
        Jim closes with, "As I said previously, it will be interesting to see how well Apple's new watch is received in the marketplace."  

Apple Watch! Info! Pictures!

        "Here is an in-depth article, with many pictures, of Apple's new watch."  Jim Hamm goes on to comment,  "I suspect it will be a hit with the younger crowd, and it will be interesting to see how well it sells. At the Apple stores, where the watches will be displayed, I suppose people will be able to pick them up and look and handle them. I'm sure they will be well-secured somehow."

First Look: Apple Watch May Be All It's Clocked Up To Be

        "Although an Apple watch isn't my future (I prefer the older, mechanical, auto-wind watches), perhaps someone in PMUG will buy one and give a presentation on it," says Jim Hamm.  
        Check out this article from USA TODAY:
        First look: Apple Watch may be all it is clocked up to be
        "I've heard that one of our active and geeky members (hint: John C) has money he hasn't spent yet, so maybe...(grin)….."  Jim

An Apple Watch in Your Future?

       Jim Hamm wonders, "Is there an Apple Watch in your future? Here and here are two articles from the watch newsletter 'A Blog to Watch.' The author of this newsletter writes articles about watches, and in the first article above he discusses the launch of Apple's Watch, and in the second he does a review after some hands-on time with the Watch.

        "Does he like it and will he buy one? I'd guess so, based on the following statement he made:  'I think it is important to state here and now, that for the money, the Apple Watch is going to be a force to be reckoned with.'"