FREE Video Tutorials

        "Are you hungry for more video tutorials for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad?" John Carter asks.  Read on, and note that wonderful word FREE.
        Here's what John wants us to know:  "ScreenCastsOnline posts a new video tutorial every week. Don McAllister is the host and founder of ScreenCastsOnline.
        "You can get three FREE tutorials just for the asking — and no obligation. To become a member and be able to download and keep as many tutorials as your hard disc and brain can hold will cost you $57 for a 3-month membership (marked down from $249) and renew for 12 months for just $45. The tutorials are DRM FREE and yours to keep.
        "Don has already published over 300 tutorials covering 60 topics since 2005, and I imagine you can download every one of them well within that 3-month period.
        "Don also has a blog that you can follow, and his most recent blog expresses his disappointment over the latest release of Final Cut Pro X. This particular blog is a 10-minute video that he recorded, probably with his iPhone, as he drives home from a training session on FCP X. Remarkable!"
        John closes with this:  "I viewed one of his videos on ForkLift2, and I am impressed both with ForkLift2 and Don’s professional presentation."