iPhone X

Here is a review of the iPhone X by Kim Komando, a noted tech blogger:

One thing to note is the scratch on the phone after only a few days. She didn't drop the phone, but carried it in her purse. I've read several times it's very important to get a case to protect this phone, and a clear plastic shield for the face as well.

The more I read about the iPhone X the more my interest diminishes a bit.

Jim Hamm

Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard

        "If there's any 'iPaders' in our azapple group, the following comments are for you," says Jim Hamm.  He continues, " I've owned an iPad for a long time, but had never used a separate keyboard with it previously. Then my wife got a Zagg bluetooth keyboard for her iPad, and really liked it. So, not to be left behind, I bought one from Amazon for my iPad. What a difference this keyboard makes. Really nice.

        "If you've already moved to a  bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, read no further. For the rest of you, I recommend you try one." 
        Jim explains, "I didn't realize how much easier, and nicer, it is to type on a keyboard instead of tapping on the screen with my finger. And the best thing I like about it is no more -- to correct a mistake -- a finger on the screen, with the bubble, trying to move the cursor around. Now I just use the up/down/back/forward arrows on the keyboard to move the cursor and correct a misspelling. I like this.
        "We're presently on an RV caravan tour and I haven't even used my MacBook Air once since we left. I find it so convenient and handy just to use my iPad with the Zagg keyboard. Plus, since I've got a cellular data package for my iPad, I don't have to worry if we don't have wifi in the campground. Like right now -- no wifi but a good LTE signal.
        "There are other brands of keyboards available for the iPad, but the Zagg is the only one I've tried. There were over a thousand reviews on Amazon for the Zagg keyboard for my particular iPad, with most of them favorable."
        And Jim concludes, "I'm not pushing Zagg -- only the use of a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.  Just a thought for your consideration."

The A-List of Mac Software, Two Views

Always on the lookout for good "stuff" Jim Hamm recommends this article that lists the software and programs that the editor of Computerworld recommends for Mac.  Jim states, "I think highly of his opinions and comments.  He is a pragmatic and sharp individual, in my opinion.  Take a look at what he thinks is best."

Not everyone will agree.  Here's John Carter's assessment. "That blog doesn't do justice to Parallels, in my opinion. His A-list for Mac was updated last September and he didn't say what version of Parallels he was using. Version 4 of Parallels that I used last November was excellent, and Version 5 that came out in December is even better.

"He put Office for Mac 2008 on his A-list which I think was a grave mistake. He should have put NeoOffice on that A-list instead. No one should have to pay for something when there's an excellent substitute available for free."

Shopping Reviews

An interesting site to browse when you're shopping, says Jim Hamm.  He goes on to elaborate, "For example, I looked at USB Flash Drives and the article listed a review of the top four drives based on other reviews. If I wanted more info about each of them I could go to three more sites that did an in-depth review. Of the top two, if I wanted to use them on my Mac I'd have to download software first. Something good to know beforehand. Of course, Amazon publishes reviews on products as well. But this site gives yet another perspective.  Interesting and helpful site." ....Jim