Amazon Chime

Well, it looks like Amazon is branching into yet another arena: free calling and texting. For more information, read here . At this point in time, it doesn't look too impressive, but Amazon is pretty aggressive and effective in most things they try, so I suspect we'll hear and read more about Amazon Chime as time goes on.

I wasn't aware that Amazon has a Web Services effort as well, until I read this article.

Jim Hamm

Zagg Bluetooth Keyboard

        "If there's any 'iPaders' in our azapple group, the following comments are for you," says Jim Hamm.  He continues, " I've owned an iPad for a long time, but had never used a separate keyboard with it previously. Then my wife got a Zagg bluetooth keyboard for her iPad, and really liked it. So, not to be left behind, I bought one from Amazon for my iPad. What a difference this keyboard makes. Really nice.

        "If you've already moved to a  bluetooth keyboard for your iPad, read no further. For the rest of you, I recommend you try one." 
        Jim explains, "I didn't realize how much easier, and nicer, it is to type on a keyboard instead of tapping on the screen with my finger. And the best thing I like about it is no more -- to correct a mistake -- a finger on the screen, with the bubble, trying to move the cursor around. Now I just use the up/down/back/forward arrows on the keyboard to move the cursor and correct a misspelling. I like this.
        "We're presently on an RV caravan tour and I haven't even used my MacBook Air once since we left. I find it so convenient and handy just to use my iPad with the Zagg keyboard. Plus, since I've got a cellular data package for my iPad, I don't have to worry if we don't have wifi in the campground. Like right now -- no wifi but a good LTE signal.
        "There are other brands of keyboards available for the iPad, but the Zagg is the only one I've tried. There were over a thousand reviews on Amazon for the Zagg keyboard for my particular iPad, with most of them favorable."
        And Jim concludes, "I'm not pushing Zagg -- only the use of a bluetooth keyboard for your iPad.  Just a thought for your consideration."

Warning About Fake Amazon Email

        David Passell alerts us about this fake Amazon email.  If you get something similar DO NOT click on any links on it.  

Instead either attach the email or forward it to  
        David comments, "For some reason Amazon does not provide a quick and easy link to report taking their name in vain.  However, after I sent a message to them it seemed like a convoluted process which I don't even remember.  I received a message back from Amazon the next day which identifies the email address to send messages to."