Smart Photo Download Tip

        "Did you find a photo on the Internet or in your email that you want to save?" asks John Carter. He's going to tell us what to do.  "The best place for that photo is not on your computer in some picture folder, but in iPhoto (or even Aperture). Here's how.

        "If the photo shows up in your Facebook account (from a friend or family), or it's just sitting in some website that you came upon (like that fantastic image of Comet ISON in, first, right click on the image. In the menu that pops up, select "Add Image to iPhoto Library":
       (Remember you can click on this screen shot to enlarge, then do Esc to come back to this page.)
        John continues, "If the image is in an email message, click and drag it into the iPhoto icon in the Dock.
        "And don't forget to rename the image, add a description, and give it some keywords to help you find it in the future.
       "More on this in November's General Meeting when I go into detail about how to manage and organize your iPhoto library."
       So be sure to mark your calendar or check your Calendar on the Dock for the November 16 meeting at 10 a.m. at the Prescott Public Library.  John will give us more help with photos.