The Watch is Here

        That's the headline today at  Jim Hamm adds this:  "I think today the new Apple Watch is officially launched.  Here is a video by a watch blogger showing and describing his first impressions of the watch as he unboxes it. Although getting one is not in my 'Bucket List', I found the video to be interesting to watch. It's almost as though I'm handling and looking at the watch myself.

        "Now, will this watch be useful or just a 'geeky' toy? As more people get and start using the watch, we'll find out how useful it might be -- there will be lots of blogs."
        Jim goes on to explain, "My impressions after watching the video: very high quality appearance; lots of 'foo-foo' stuff preloaded; the watch wants to come on and display the time every time the wrist is moved, which will be a drain on battery life; easy to change watch bands, which will be nice; many third-party apps will soon be available, which may improve the usefulness of the watch -- as in health apps.
        "Smart watches have been available for some time, so it will be interesting to see how well the Apple Watch will be received in the marketplace. Initial sales seem to be strong -- at least for those that already own an iPhone, which is needed to make the watch useful."