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MacBook (2015) Take a Look!

        "If you're possibly considering getting a new laptop -- or even if you're not, but would like to find out more about what Apple is doing in laptops -- you might take a read on this review of Apple's new Macbook. This review is one of the best I've ever read. Well done, I'd say -- and the Macbook looks very impressive also,"  and that's Jim Hamm's introduction to this snazzy new laptop.  
        Look here  and find out about how the Butterfly mechanism replaces the Scissors mechanism, and what the Force Touch trackpad can do.  Read on:  It uses a combination of Force Touch and Taptics, it is "fanless," and it starts at only $1,299.  This is 36 ages of delightful description with large photos.  And that's followed by a total of 107 reader comments.
        Now, if that wasn't enough Jim Hamm follows up with, "OK, so you're gonna buy the new 2015 Macbook laptop. Want to see what it looks like inside? Take a look.

        "First impressions: the computing 'stuff' is awfully small, the computer is mostly battery, it looks to be difficult to assemble, and very difficult to disassemble. 
        "But, overall, a very impressive laptop," Jim concludes. 

Fascinating Photos: Making the Apple Watch

        Jim Hamm informs us, "Although an Apple watch is not in my Bucket List, I can appreciate all the care and effort Apple puts into making the watch, as the following blog shows. Add to this the cost of developing the software, and it's easy to see why the watch may be considered pricey by some. 

        "Although the blog may be of more interest to engineering-type people, and not for the casual consumer, I found it quite interesting to read about all the precision going into the manufacture of this new watch. I suspect it will be a success for Apple."