The A-List of Mac Software, Two Views

Always on the lookout for good "stuff" Jim Hamm recommends this article that lists the software and programs that the editor of Computerworld recommends for Mac.  Jim states, "I think highly of his opinions and comments.  He is a pragmatic and sharp individual, in my opinion.  Take a look at what he thinks is best."

Not everyone will agree.  Here's John Carter's assessment. "That blog doesn't do justice to Parallels, in my opinion. His A-list for Mac was updated last September and he didn't say what version of Parallels he was using. Version 4 of Parallels that I used last November was excellent, and Version 5 that came out in December is even better.

"He put Office for Mac 2008 on his A-list which I think was a grave mistake. He should have put NeoOffice on that A-list instead. No one should have to pay for something when there's an excellent substitute available for free."