Google maps

Google Maps

Here is a tip on using Google Maps (GM) that might be useful for you, if you're not already aware of this. If, say, you get a map routing from your house to city "A" using your house computer and GM, there is an option to save this routing to your iPhone or iPad. You can even send an email or text to yourself. On the routing click the line that says "send directions to your phone". This will open up a dialog box wherein you can select how you want to receive this routing.

For example, you can plan a trip across the country using GM by going from location "A" to "B", sending it to yourself, then routing from "B" to "C", sending it to yourself, and so on.

Google Maps apparently retains a history of your searches and routings, and you are able to send them to your devices or email or text them to yourself. It seems Google remembers everything you do on the internet, so keep that in mind as you browse around.

Jim Hamm

Look at Templates, Also See Videos

The following was March's handout at PMUG. Have you looked at Pages Templates lately?  This is Pages ’09.

In Pages > File > New From Template Chooser  look at the choices.  Click to open and bring up the samples on the screen.  Take a look and see what you’d like to try. (Click to enlarge, then click again to go back to this page.)  
Notice in Pages > Share.  See these possibilities:  
Then take a glance at the resources under Help, shown in this screen shot below.  Looks like Help might help!  
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Some of the following links employ Adobe Flash. If you encounter one, you should open that link using Google Chrome instead of Safari.

Videos and PowerPoint presentations that might be interesting to see:

25 presentations of famous architecture of the past and present

Over 50 presentations of geology, from rocks on earth to rocks in outer space. provides 3D views of the world’s most famous buildings and places. (Requires Flash)

Download Google Earth for Mac, PC or Linux.  Zoom from space to street level and tour the world.

Tourism gallery with 7 links.

In Showcase, learn about US presidents and tour their birthplaces, the ocean, the moon, art museums, baseball stadiums, world skyscrapers, soccer stadiums. 

A monthly newsletter with illustrations. The latest is Google Earth 6.2  with features of street view, driving directions,etc.

Videos of animals by categories.

Earthquakes around the world, prepping for disasters, self-defense, top 10 trips to take this spring.

For amazing videos of volcanoes, click here.

30 famous historical figures when they were young.

Life history of world famous people in various spheres of life

Have you found something interesting on the Internet lately?  Want to share ideas?  

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Hope to see you next time.


Google Maps

Now with our blog's new Jump Breaks capabilities I'd like to post the handouts given out at previous PMUG meetings.  As your news blog editor I've printed up handouts beginning in May.  Now I can post them here without hogging the whole homepage! In the next few days I'll post each, separately.  To start us off here's May 2009: Google Maps

5-23-09     Google Maps  
Have you tried Google Maps with new features?
Go to Google and type your address in the search box. No need to capitalize!
When the page opens click on that address where it says
Up comes street map, arrow pointing to that place and a tiny photo of the house.
In the upper left click on the yellow man and begin to drag him towards your house.
All streets that have been Googled are now outlined in blue.
Put the man down in the street at your address. Watch as your house comes up.
You can scroll in a 360 degree circle to see the neighbors.
The tiny icon at right side, top will enlarge your house to fill your screen.
You can move towards or away from using other control icons on the left side.
Notice you can use the Back Arrow to go to the previous screen.
On the first map, top right, you can find Traffic, More, Map, Satellite, Terrain.
Go under More and find Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcam.
Experiment and see what you find.

Instead of putting in a whole address Google will find places if you type what it is, Ground Zero Twin Towers, Club 50 Fitness Prescott Valley, Washington Monument, etc.
On the left side other links will appear. You can even read and post Reviews.  # # #

Where On Earth Are Your Friends?

Member Art Gorski sends us a nifty site with a mind-boggling feature: see where your friends are. From this site: Addresser/  when you download the donationware program Earth Addresser it takes addresses from your Mac Address Book, looks up their coordinates on the map and writes that info to a "KLM" file.  Google Earth can open that file to display your friends' places.  And, if you've added photos of your friends to their cards in your Address Book, these photos will appear right on the planet instead of the usual drawing pin.

Do your friends' names appear on everyone else's Google Earth? Art clarifies for us, "It sends only the addresses to Google Earth, just to get latitude and longitude data. You can save the preferences so it stays in Google Earth."
Besides this program the authors Steffen Kamp and Sven-S. Porst list 13 other imaginative software programs on their home page.
No sooner had I emailed Sven that I'd posted about his site than he replied, correcting me that it's "KML" — not "KLM."  He adds, "For some reason that's a common error for that name. Perhaps because of the airline  . . .   Regards, Sven."
Thanks for your eagle eyes!