Google Maps

Now with our blog's new Jump Breaks capabilities I'd like to post the handouts given out at previous PMUG meetings.  As your news blog editor I've printed up handouts beginning in May.  Now I can post them here without hogging the whole homepage! In the next few days I'll post each, separately.  To start us off here's May 2009: Google Maps

5-23-09     Google Maps  
Have you tried Google Maps with new features?
Go to Google and type your address in the search box. No need to capitalize!
When the page opens click on that address where it says
Up comes street map, arrow pointing to that place and a tiny photo of the house.
In the upper left click on the yellow man and begin to drag him towards your house.
All streets that have been Googled are now outlined in blue.
Put the man down in the street at your address. Watch as your house comes up.
You can scroll in a 360 degree circle to see the neighbors.
The tiny icon at right side, top will enlarge your house to fill your screen.
You can move towards or away from using other control icons on the left side.
Notice you can use the Back Arrow to go to the previous screen.
On the first map, top right, you can find Traffic, More, Map, Satellite, Terrain.
Go under More and find Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcam.
Experiment and see what you find.

Instead of putting in a whole address Google will find places if you type what it is, Ground Zero Twin Towers, Club 50 Fitness Prescott Valley, Washington Monument, etc.
On the left side other links will appear. You can even read and post Reviews.  # # #