Google Maps

Here is a tip on using Google Maps (GM) that might be useful for you, if you're not already aware of this. If, say, you get a map routing from your house to city "A" using your house computer and GM, there is an option to save this routing to your iPhone or iPad. You can even send an email or text to yourself. On the routing click the line that says "send directions to your phone". This will open up a dialog box wherein you can select how you want to receive this routing.

For example, you can plan a trip across the country using GM by going from location "A" to "B", sending it to yourself, then routing from "B" to "C", sending it to yourself, and so on.

Google Maps apparently retains a history of your searches and routings, and you are able to send them to your devices or email or text them to yourself. It seems Google remembers everything you do on the internet, so keep that in mind as you browse around.

Jim Hamm