Pages '09

Look at Templates, Also See Videos

The following was March's handout at PMUG. Have you looked at Pages Templates lately?  This is Pages ’09.

In Pages > File > New From Template Chooser  look at the choices.  Click to open and bring up the samples on the screen.  Take a look and see what you’d like to try. (Click to enlarge, then click again to go back to this page.)  
Notice in Pages > Share.  See these possibilities:  
Then take a glance at the resources under Help, shown in this screen shot below.  Looks like Help might help!  
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Some of the following links employ Adobe Flash. If you encounter one, you should open that link using Google Chrome instead of Safari.

Videos and PowerPoint presentations that might be interesting to see:

25 presentations of famous architecture of the past and present

Over 50 presentations of geology, from rocks on earth to rocks in outer space. provides 3D views of the world’s most famous buildings and places. (Requires Flash)

Download Google Earth for Mac, PC or Linux.  Zoom from space to street level and tour the world.

Tourism gallery with 7 links.

In Showcase, learn about US presidents and tour their birthplaces, the ocean, the moon, art museums, baseball stadiums, world skyscrapers, soccer stadiums. 

A monthly newsletter with illustrations. The latest is Google Earth 6.2  with features of street view, driving directions,etc.

Videos of animals by categories.

Earthquakes around the world, prepping for disasters, self-defense, top 10 trips to take this spring.

For amazing videos of volcanoes, click here.

30 famous historical figures when they were young.

Life history of world famous people in various spheres of life

Have you found something interesting on the Internet lately?  Want to share ideas?  

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Hope to see you next time.


How Best to Complain?

        Just suppose there’s something you don’t like. How best to complain and get something fixed? Here’s two issues we’re aware of now.
        First issue: David Passell comments on an article from NewYorkTimes, (their link does not come up unless you’re a subscriber), but the writer states “in China, human costs are built into an iPad.” David personally has often felt that “made in China” devalues everything, and he avoids those articles if possible.
        From C/Net a writer addresses an “open letter to Apple” admonishing them to force good working conditions across the consumer-electronics industry. She zeroes in on the working conditions at Chinese manufacturers. After detailing some of the concerns she challenges Apple, “We’ll be watching.”
        Second issue: Prez Art Gorski sent along a note from a Mac user in California who is irritated with Pages ’09 autocorrect for spelling, so he’s asking for others to write to Apple, with notation “Pages ’09 Complaint” on the envelope. Interested in more details on this, let us know soon.
        Making things better is always an interesting challenge!