Where On Earth Are Your Friends?

Member Art Gorski sends us a nifty site with a mind-boggling feature: see where your friends are. From this site: http://earthlingsoft.net/Earth Addresser/  when you download the donationware program Earth Addresser it takes addresses from your Mac Address Book, looks up their coordinates on the map and writes that info to a "KLM" file.  Google Earth can open that file to display your friends' places.  And, if you've added photos of your friends to their cards in your Address Book, these photos will appear right on the planet instead of the usual drawing pin.

Do your friends' names appear on everyone else's Google Earth? Art clarifies for us, "It sends only the addresses to Google Earth, just to get latitude and longitude data. You can save the preferences so it stays in Google Earth."
Besides this program the authors Steffen Kamp and Sven-S. Porst list 13 other imaginative software programs on their home page.
No sooner had I emailed Sven that I'd posted about his site than he replied, correcting me that it's "KML" — not "KLM."  He adds, "For some reason that's a common error for that name. Perhaps because of the airline  . . .   Regards, Sven."
Thanks for your eagle eyes!