MacOS and iOS

Here is an article describing how the use of MacOS and iOS is climbing (increasing) in enterprises. This is an arena that Apple has long somewhat abandoned, or not aggressively pursued. And recently IBM decided that it's cheaper to own and operate a Mac than it is a PC, and started switching in their offices. Irrespective of that assumption, one feature I definitely like in a Mac, iPad or iPhone is the U.S. support if one has a problem after buying one.

Plus, AppleCare sure is nice to have to extend the factory warranty.

Jim Hamm  

Learn Via Video, etc.

        Helpful PMUG leader John Carter scores big with this link,  and you'll want to take a look at this website.  Turns out they have more than 900 FREE video tutorials on how to use your Mac, iPad, iPhone and other Apple Technology.  
        And here's some very welcome news: They never sell, rent or share your email address.  Read details at Policies. 
       No, we're not listing all 900 of their video tutorials.  But look at some of these other helpful categories.  

Here's another list of pages you'll want to check out. 
And this concludes the August PMUG meeting handout that's not getting handed out tomorrow, August 16; it's just posted here for your convenience.  Thanks again to John Carter who keeps an eye out for useful info for us.  
by Elaine Hardt. 

What's Happening

         Get the idea that your hour-long TV news program has not covered all the world news that’s happening?  They’ve put in some cutesy pieces to lighten up the otherwise bad news from here and there?  The Internet to the rescue!
        Go to  and you’ll see this.  (Click to enlarge, click again to return to this view.) 

It’s interesting to see their take on news happening in other nations of the world. It’s even interesting to see the ads on their websites!   
        See the latest Apple news?    And at the bottom of that page see Recent Press Releases.  There’s a link to the side to click for iTunes Movie Trailers.  When you click on the little RSS button it takes you to NetNewsWire so you can keep informed, along with the other sites you want to keep current.  
        How are the 400+ Apple stores doing?  Scroll through the list of the states for the city you want to check out.  On the right side near the top choose a country or region:  16 nations have Apple stores.  The largest store in the world is in Amsterdam, according to Wikipedia. The first glass staircase got design patent in 2002 in the U.S. 

        What’s the government up to now? The US Government’s official web portal.  Click to contact Federal Government Agencies;  State. Local, & Tribal Governments; or Contact Elected Officials -- from President to local elected officials. You can subscribe to e-mail updates.  

        Look here for lots of news  This site has worldwide news in English, along with 15 in “Europe - Original Language.”  There’s Miscellaneous News with listings of News Aggregators and Blogs, News Podcasts:  BBC, CNN, Guardian, Financial Times, NPR, and Voice of America.  Under Minorities: 4 links, even Children’s News with 4 links, Good News with 3 links.

        Foreign nations’ links: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.  At the bottom is a list of 7 Newspaper Archives’ links.
       Here at   lists the US newspapers by states.  Then scroll down to their listings of world newspapers by area, then 63 national news sites (The Arizona Republic link is on this list),  and 24 Worldwide News Sites.
         In closing:  what about the weather?  You can scroll clear around the globe, and way up and way down.,-112.293999&zoom=5  Choose Weather Stations view, Radar, or Satellite views.  Fascinating!  
        Keep learning:  it’s fun, it’s productive, it’s Mac! See you at the next PMUG meeting.  Bring a friend! 
        This was today's handout at the June PMUG meeting,  by Elaine Hardt.

Verizon's Pay-Per-View

        Jim Hamm brings an important controversy to our attention.  "You may have already read about the lawsuit Verizon filed against the FCC some time ago.  Here is an article that provides additional detail about the lawsuit, and what might happen to the free internet if Verizon should win.

       "One aspect, which I hadn't considered, is this problem, in theory, should go away if the FCC would declare ISP's are a 'Common Carrier.' Truck lines, for example, are Common Carriers and can't discriminate against customers and have to haul a legal product for anyone, at the same rate." 
        Now, Jim puts the question to us, "What do you think? Should the internet be equal and free for all, or can some company, such as Verizon or AT&T, be able to charge a fee depending on what you're doing? If, say, you're streaming Netflix, should you pay more than if you're just checking emails or surfing the net? 
        "When the lawsuit is decided, I guess we'll learn the answer." 

"Take a Byte Out of Hunger"

        Helping St. Mary's Food Bank down in the Valley, the MacMedia stores in Peoria and Scottsdale are collecting canned food until the end of the year. Their slogan is "Take a Byte Out of Hunger."  They're giving discounts on new computer bundles and new iPad bundles.  You'll find new and used/refurbished equipment and knowledgeable, friendly help for repairs and advice.  Look here: 

Happy New Year!

Dear PMUG Members,
The PMUG Board would like to extend its sincere wishes for a Prosperous and Happy New Year to all the members.  We truly hope to see you all in 2013. 

Given a lot of hard work, time, and know-how, our PMUG website is easy to navigate, and is looking good, thanks to Mary Ann Clark.  Note that on the home page you can click RSS which takes you to NetNewsWire.  Here you can select both this newsblog; and the PMUG website so you can keep up with the latest additions.  Try it, you’ll like it.
     Our thanks to PMUG secretary Bobbie Pastor for the above announcement.  See you all on January 19 for our first meeting of 2013.

Your Photos on Display

Today’s PMUG speaker, Les Stukenberg, photo editor of the Daily Courier mentioned having photos printed at CostCo. From mugs to mousepads, from cards to framed masterpieces your photo can be uploaded to the site, then picked up at the warehouse or have it mailed to you.  Read about it here. Thanks, Les, for an interesting and inspiring presentation of your outstanding photographs.Les also mentioned there are videos and photo galleries on the Daily Courier website.  Check it out  here.