Verizon's Pay-Per-View

        Jim Hamm brings an important controversy to our attention.  "You may have already read about the lawsuit Verizon filed against the FCC some time ago.  Here is an article that provides additional detail about the lawsuit, and what might happen to the free internet if Verizon should win.

       "One aspect, which I hadn't considered, is this problem, in theory, should go away if the FCC would declare ISP's are a 'Common Carrier.' Truck lines, for example, are Common Carriers and can't discriminate against customers and have to haul a legal product for anyone, at the same rate." 
        Now, Jim puts the question to us, "What do you think? Should the internet be equal and free for all, or can some company, such as Verizon or AT&T, be able to charge a fee depending on what you're doing? If, say, you're streaming Netflix, should you pay more than if you're just checking emails or surfing the net? 
        "When the lawsuit is decided, I guess we'll learn the answer."