How to Revive a Frozen iPhone

       Not having an iPhone, I thought of Zee and Jim Hamm.  Maybe this tip will be useful, so I emailed them this link to Here's the Thing blog.  Jim's reply,  "I wasn't aware of the website, and subscribed to their newsletter."

     He went on to explain, "Interestingly enough, last eve my new iPhone 5 locked up and I used this tip to unlock my phone. It worked.  
        "The new iPhone 5 is very nice — lighter and thinner than my iPhone 3. I also have the new iPad Mini — very nice and light also. . . 47% of the weight of a regular iPad, but has 66% of the screen size. A nice tradeoff. Zee is to receive hers Thursday."  (So much for the Christmas surprise, Jim?)
     Jim closes with, "I missed you at the joint PMUG/PCS meeting last Saturday. Big John Carter gave a good presentation, as usual."