Gmail Bug Fixed?

        Got Gmail?  John Carter has info for you!  "It appears that Google has fixed an annoying bug in Gmail. I recently reported that it was next to impossible to delete a message from the All Mail label if it was visible in Apple Mail. I keep trying from time to time, and today I can report that I think it has actually been fixed.

        "If you have All Mail showing under GMAIL->[Gmail] in the sidebar of Mail (see image below), and there's messages you want to delete from that mailbox, give it a try. The messages should then show up in the GMAIL->[Gmail]->Trash, which you then have to highlight and delete, whereupon they will then show up in MAILBOXES->Trash, that you then have to empty. I know, pain in the ... . But that they best than can be done - for now.Messages deleted from All Mail will show up in the Trash mailbox just below All Mail. Messages deleted from that Trash mailbox will show up in the Trash mailbox at the top."