Gmail's New Inbox

        "If you use Gmail as your email client -- as I do --" Jim Hamm begins, " here is an article explaining the details of Gmail's new inbox, should you decide to try it. I've been aware of this new feature for some time, but haven't tried it yet -- but I think I'll give it a try now to see what I think about it. It would be nice , for example, to get the offers for coupons from, say, Red Lobster, all to appear in one inbox, Promotions, instead of being intermingled with my other emails. Plus, if you don't like this new feature you can always change back to the format you're accustomed to.

        "Just click the gear icon in the upper right of your screen and select 'Configure Inbox.' Good luck...(grin)...Now, if you don't use Gmail, you're missing a very good email client," Jim says in closing.