Speculation on iPad 3

        From Jim Hamm, "Here's more speculation on the next iPad. There's not many areas in the U.S. that have LTE coverage yet, but eventually it will spread and the next iPad is said to be able to connect to it. The download speed of LTE is about 7 times faster than 3G. So, if you're pleased with 3G speed now (I am), you are really gonna be happy with LTE. Prescott finally got 3G coverage from AT&T about a month or so ago. About time, too. Verizon has had 3G for a long time.
        "Smart move by Apple, if it happens. As LTE spreads across the U.S. many people who presently own an iPad 1 or 2 will get the hots to purchase the iPad 3. I know someone, and it ain't me. However, when LTE comes to the Valley area I, ahem, might have to reconsider...(grin)..."
         And here Jim renders his closing words (for now),  "If the next IPad supports LTE, then I suspect the next iPhone release will too. And so the cycle continues, and Apple's bank account gets bigger and mine gets smaller...(grin)....."