Mountain Lion Due Out This Summer

        Today's news from CNET:  Apple will release the Mountain Lion this summer.  This article gives links to related stories and includes 11 screenshots of Mountain Lion developer previews.
        Here Jim Hamm jumps in, "Check out this article I saw in USA TODAY's iPad application.  Apple unveils new Mac OS X Mountain Lion.  To view the story click the link or paste it into your browser.  To learn more about USA TODAY for iPad and download, visit here."
        And here's more!  Jim says, "Here are a couple of more articles (one, two) that really explain what's coming in OS X Mountain Lion. After reading these I'm more impressed with the new OS. The first article points out a strategy that Apple is taking that is really smart, I think. If, say, a person buys any Apple device (a computer, iPhone, whatever) the OS is becoming similar on all Apple devices so the learning curve is shortened on how to use each device.  People like familiarity.
        Jim summarizes, "Apple is hoping that if, say, you own a Mac you'll be more likely to buy an iPhone rather than an Android device. Or vice versus. This way you don't have to learn a new operating system. With iCloud now keeping all Apple devices coordinated together, one can switch between devices and hardly miss a beat."
        However, there's a serious side to this.  Prez Art Gorski tells us, "OK, so you dodged the bullet this year and found that your 4 year old Mac could be upgraded to Lion. Now Apple has announced the next version of OS X (and they've changed the name from Mac OS X!), Mountain Lion. And guess what, many 4 year old Macs will not be able to install it." Read about it here
        "Ooooooh!  What about my computer?" you may be asking.  Look at  so you can enter your computer's serial number and get a handy page to print out with lots of info on your model, including the $ value of it today.