Prolonging Battery Life: iPad

        Jim Hamm passes this along to our PMUG members who have an iPad: "Here's a tip for prolonging battery life on your iPad.
        "1. Batteries do get less effective as they get older, and 100% in a year’s time may mean half as much battery life as it does now — but there are precautions you can take to reduce the aging effects on your battery.
          2. Don’t charge your battery all the time just because it isn’t at 100%.
          3. Use the iPad until the battery is 100% depleted. If possible, leave it for an hour after depletion.
          4. When charging, allow it to charge fully back to 100%.
          5. Heat will also decrease your battery life, so take your iPad out of the case while charging.
          6. Don’t leave the iPad plugged into a sleeping computer, as the battery will drain.
        "By taking these steps you can ensure the battery is fully 'cycled' every time and should have minimal loss of battery life. Remember, every time you charge the device it will hold a little less charge, so avoid charging when it isn’t necessary."