Need to Use an Unsecured Wifi Hotspot?

        Traveling and need to use an unsecured wifi hotspot?  Jim Hamm passes along the info he's found, "Say, for example, you're at an unsecured wifi hotspot and have a need to send your credit card number to a company to buy something, reserve a hotel room, etc. over this network. Not a good idea to do this as hackers may be around to steal your card number. What to do? Here's an article that offers a possible solution using a program called 'Cloak.'
        "Here's the link to the website. The use of this free service is limited to 2 hours per month, but one would only use it infrequently for transmitting sensitive information. Additional hours are available on a fee basis.
     Jim will let us know more soon, "I've not used this service yet, but plan to look further into trying it."