New Accessory for the iPad

        "I just found this article on the Fastcompany magazine website about the new Toccata keyboard accessory for the iPad," announces Allen Laudenslager.  He continues,  "The article reports that it connects via bluetooth when you press any key, has a battery life around 45 hours and recharges from the iPad USB connection. It has a integral screen stand with several angles to suit most users and the author reports good key 'feel.'
        "The key are a softer plastic since the whole thing doubles as a case for the iPad and the face of the iPad rests on the keys with the case closed. The only drawback the author reported is that since it's not a full sized keyboard, the apostrophe key is not in the 'right' place, and he ends up hitting the Enter key by mistake. Well, life is trade offs; a new Macbook Air starts at $999 while the iPad Tocatta keyboard priced out at $670.
        "If you already have an iPad, a new keyboard and you're up and running for just 70 bucks."