Beware of Firesheep

        "What the heck are Firesheep? Actually the question is what are, but what is Firesheep."  After so getting our attention De Previous Prez Allen Laudenslager instructs us,  "It's a new application that give even novice computer users the capability to capture your online session (yes, even transactions that include your banking password!) without being a hard core programmer.
        "So start thinking about enabling the password security to your in home WiFi network. While my WiFi router does use the older and less secure encryption, I do live in a location where you must actually drive 200 feet into my private drive to get a signal. Trust me, my dog will go nuts if you do that.
        "Once more, commercial applications are ahead of the power curve.  For the full article, click here."
         Now today (10-29) here's an informative piece on how Firesheep brings hacking to the masses.  Security issues grab our attention!