My Top Ten Suggestions for a Better Year Ahead

 1. Take care of what matters to you.
 2. Be thankful for what you’ve got.
 3. Watch for improvements you can adopt and adapt.
 4. Spend time on what brings a twinkle to your eyes.
 5. Encourage someone.
 6. Keep an eye out for trends.
 7. Don’t get snowed under with demands.
 8. Prepare for changes.
 9. Organize something: your desk, closet, kitchen, car.
10. Add Honesty to the journalistic ABCs, Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity
(Someone Else has already given the 10 Commandments; mine are Suggestions)
For Don and myself, Elaine, we add #11, Pray for wisdom for those in leadership.
Did I forget anything important, here?