Happy New Year!

Secretary Bobbie Pastor sends PMUG members and friends a cheery greeting and a wish for a Blessed New Year.

 She says, "The Prescott Mac User Group Board wants to take this opportunity to express their appreciation for your membership and acknowledge those of you who were our guests throughout the year.  We hope that our efforts have made a difference in your Mac experience. We are going to continue the SIG classes as long as there is an interest. We want to make our monthly meetings as interesting as possible. Allen is working hard to bring informative speakers to the group. If you have good ideas for speakers, please let him know."

"We wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing our friends again in 2010."  Your PMUG Board,
Allen Laudenslager,  Bill Williamson,  Bobbie Pastor,  David Passell,  Jim Hamm,   Elaine Hardt,   John Carter,   Roger Lakner,  Art Gorski