More on Flash

Following up on the short presentation by Art Gorski this morning, David Passell discovered more.  He writes, "In the meeting this morning somebody asked if the 'clicktoflash' demonstrated for Safari had an equivalent in Firefox. Here is the information. (Double click to enlarge the screen shot.)

"I downloaded it and it works. I notice that you can't unselect once you click on a hidden flash; you have to exit the site then re-enter. Other than that it works fine. Below is the information from my Google. Note that the Flashtracer mentioned is for older versions of Firefox (I have 3.5.7), and I didn't bother with it. A couple of other useful add-ons I installed earlier allow me to have multi-line bookmarks and tabs like Opera. Another thing: I would suggest only installing Add-ons with URLs that contain You'll notice that there will be a warning that says only install add-ons from people you trust."