What Are They Saying?

Ready to read more about what "they" are saying about Apple?  David Passell finds lots of information at arstechnica.  Today’s feature articles discuss such weighty issues as problems with the 27-inch iMac screen, predicted iPad features, a poll on flash for iPad, and other raves and pans. He adds, “The arstechnica site has a lot of other news items besides Apple. To see them and other subjects suggest you click on the ‘All’ tab.”

Then to leave you with a smile, David sends this link which includes a picture of a laptop computer that’s been microwaved, and is for sale for US $26001.00 to benefit charity. Scroll down to see the video.              Puzzled by 21 blank boxes on that site, I control-clicked on one of the little ? in the tiny blue square, then choosing "Open image in new window"  that brought up the missing photo.