MBA Getting Good Reviews

        "What do you think of the new MacBook Air?"  was the question posed to Jim Hamm.  He's the only one in PMUG with the MBA. He writes back, "The new model is better than the one I have, and mine can't be upgraded to solid drive. As to more features, no, I'm pleased with what the MBA has. I like the light weight, crisp screen and great portability. I may end up getting the new solid state 13" MBA. It is getting great reviews.
        "Zee really enjoys her iPad, and I enjoy my MBA. I probably won't get an iPad, but may get the new MBA. I'm using my MBA as I type this. Both the iPad and MBA have their strong and weak points, It's a matter of personal preference, I think."  Jim goes on to refer us to the report, "MacBook Air Has the Feel of an iPad in a Laptop."
        "One negative review of the new version is the keyboard is no longer backlit.  Bummer.  I suppose Apple did this to conserve battery power.  There is some question whether an SSD (solid state drive) will continue to perform well over time, or tend to clog up.  Time will tell, I guess," Jim concludes.