Managing Multiple iPhoto Libraries

        "Here’s a dream come true for some people who have probably thousands of photos they want to keep in iPhoto!" exclaims John Carter.  (You can download a FREE trial; that got your attention?)
        "The problem with having a lot of photos in one iPhoto library is two-fold. One, it takes a long time to save it to a backup drive (like Time Machine), and two, it is much slower to access.
        "If you can break up your photos into smaller chunks and still keep them all under the management of iPhoto, that would be a plus.
        "There is a way. It’s called iPhoto Library Manager. There are way too many features of that application to explain here, but I’ll list them by name:
1. Multiple libraries
2. Info at a glance
3. Share and share alike
4. In sync
5. Automate it
6. Quick switch
7. Making copies
8. Doing the splits
9. Photo first aid
        John concludes with this, "There's one version, 3.6.8, and it works for all versions of OS X from 10.4 and up and all versions of iPhoto from 4.0.3 and up. The price is $19.95."