Would You Like to be a Dictator?

       Here's a program for everyone who'd like to be a Dictator!  John Carter tells about a nifty program that puts Mac to work by listening and writing what you say.  Typing may be on its way out?  Anyway. . . the program is Dragon Dictate, version 2.5.  John notes, "The new version works quite well on Lion."
        Watch 8 short video demonstrations, starting with the first.  One feature on their site is "Ask the Dictator" which gives tips, advice, and answers your questions.  They have dictation programs for legal, medical, and even French language.
        John wanted to install Dragon Dictate on both his iMac and his MacBook Pro.  "After installing on the iMac, it wouldn’t let me use the validation key a 2nd time to install on the MacBook Pro. So I simply copied the two plist files from the iMac to the MacBook Pro and it was automatically validated. In my mind, I should be able to install any app on 2 computers: a desktop and a laptop. And that’s what I did."