iTunes Upgrade Described

        Ready to upgrade to iTunes 11?  Jim Hamm sends helpful comments: " I upgraded to iTunes 11 last eve and there are two video tutorials available to watch when iTunes 11 is opened. These give a good overview of the changes in iTunes. Watching these two tutorials plus the tips in the link I sent out should get everyone off to a good start."  And "here's some tips that might help you." 

       Jim closes with,  "I'm listening to music on the internet through iTunes as I type this."
       Oh, he's back with more! "Here is a review of iTunes 11 by Gizmodo that explains the changes. When it's opened, iTunes uses 148 MB of memory on my Mac while Skype, as a comparison, uses 168 MB. One nice aspect of the upgrade, as commented on in the article, is that iTunes has been streamlined and is more responsive to commands."