Introducing Our Webmaster

      Mary Ann Clark has used Apple computers since 1979 when she and her husband Art bought their first Apple II. Today she owns a Macbook Air, an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4 (or as she says, papa bear, mama bear and baby bear). Never having been a programmer Mary Ann uses her electronics in her work and various volunteer positions.  
        Early in her career, Mary Ann worked as a technical writer producing computer user manuals for everything from large mainframes to desktop computers. Most of those materials were printed, although just as she was leaving the field, embedded help files were beginning to replace dead tree books.   
        Leaving that work she went back to school to earn a PhD in Religious Studies. She claims it took her so long to earn an advanced degree because she had to wait until she could do her research and write her dissertation using her trusty Macintosh. Today she teaches face-to-face classes at Yavapai College and online classes at the University of Houston Clear Lake. 
        She also volunteers at Manzanita Village the local co-housing community, the Prescott Area Wildland-Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC), and her local church where she often ends up doing computer work because she can.
        When you see Mary Ann give her a good PMUG welcome. We love volunteers!