Dictionary Features

Here's a copy of the PMUG meeting handout on June 2009, in case you missed the meeting.

June 2009: Dictionary Features

Got a Word?
The Dictionary that lines up so nicely in the Dock is full of words! Take a look . . .

When you click on Dictionary you have choices of All, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Apple, Wikipedia.

What good is that Apple Dictionary, you ask? Type a in the search box. Click on Apple. Up comes a list of the “a” words, all of which apply in some way to Apple products. “Aqua,” what is that? A double-click brings up the definition. Did you already know it meant “the graphical user interface and visual theme of Mac OS X”?

If you’ve got time on your hands, do the same thing with Wikipedia. Type in a and see what comes up. “A & W” links to several titles, so we choose “Root Beer.” Clicking here brings up an outline of contents and concise information, including nutrition facts. You’ll find links scattered throughout, each opening to a new website.

Now, Thesaurus. It tells you there are 997 entries for "a." From words to phrases you can find more words. Click on one, and feast your eyes on words with various shades of meaning.

Dictionary opens by announcing there are 943 entries for a. On the menu at the top of your desktop go to Dictionary > Services > Speech and click on Start Speaking Text. Hear the chosen word pronounced. You may find this more helpful that sounding it out yourself, using the diacritical marks given in the dictionary entry.

Note: You can also click Start Speaking Text when using Pages and highlighting the words or sentences you’d like the voice to read for you. In System Preferences choose Speech, and select the man’s or woman’s voice you like.

What’s Up?
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