Experiencing iPhone in Scottsdale

        No sooner did we get the Valentine iPhone story from Art Gorski posted than we heard from Jim Hamm.  Listen in:
        "Art, thanks for sharing your iPhone 4 experience with us. I think you'll enjoy the iPhone. Zee and I got our first iPhone a few years ago, and only AT&T was available as a carrier then. We were with Verizon, and would have preferred to stay with Verizon, but technology got us...(grin)...
        "Perhaps Verizon has 3G service in Prescott because, as you mentioned, AT&T doesn't. Since we plan to spend the winters in Scottsdale, we do have 3G service here, and it is nice to have. Overall, though, we haven't been unhappy with AT&T. I do think Verizon is the better carrier, but for now we'll stay with AT&T. Our daughter and son-in-law use AT&T, so calls to them don't use any minutes.
        "If you were in the service, be sure to ask Verizon for a veteran's discount on your monthly bill.
        "One problem I've noted with the iPhone 4 is the sensitivity of the screen. When talking on the phone it is easy to touch your cheek to the screen and activate something else. The other day I had called Apple support and was talking to a tech when my cheek touched the screen and I started placing a call to Affinity RV. Sheesh, what a pain. Apple should modify the program so when one is talking on the phone it takes two taps or touches to activate another function. That would stop the problem. I use the external speaker much of the time to avoid that issue.
        "Next time I see you I'll show you some of the apps I've installed and find useful. I'm not into games, so don't have any installed other than the four that came pre-installed.
        "If you have a problem or question on the iPhone, don't hesitate to give me a call. Maybe I can help (or I'll ask Zee -- she's more knowledgeable than I am on the iPhone). Zee, and our daughter, have a ton of apps installed and are darn near pros on apps and the iPhone."  And, as always Jim closes with a grin.