Save Money if You're On AOL

        Say "save money" and we listen!  Jim Hamm tracked down the following information from Macs R We, a Mac consulting/repair service in Morristown. Read on and we'll tell you more about that company.      
        First, here's what Mr. C. D. Tavares says on saving money if you're on AOL, "I was reminded recently by a trade article that numerous users -- especially seniors -- needlessly continue to pay AOL $20 or $25 each month after having moved from AOL's dialup service to high-speed internet.  If you are not using AOL's dialup modems, AOL IS FREE.
        "This includes continued use of an AOL mailbox, an AOL screen name (for iChat or AIM), AOL's online content, and even the AOL client application.
         "(I routinely point this out to AOL-using clients during housecalls and broadband installations, but since I'm not always in the loop when a client moves from dialup to broadband, I continue to encounter clients who are still paying AOL hundreds of dollars every year for no reason.)
        "If you currently get your internet service from a broadband provider such as Qwest, Cox, Verizon, Sprint, or even Grand Avenue Broadband -- or even a dialup provider OTHER than AOL, such as Interwrx or Localnet -- you should not be paying AOL anything. You can opt out of these payments permanently by following this link.
        "Be careful NOT to check the checkbox at the end (it's a trap), or your request will be ignored."
Find out more about Macs R We here.  They're in the Wickenburg and far Northwest Valley Areas, and Mr. Tavares has an impressive list of employment and experience as a computer engineer.  He's an Apple-certified Macintosh Technician.