Her Valentine Present

        What a valentine present!  Art Gorski informs us, "So I decided to get iPhones for Mary Ann and myself.
        "We had been on an ancient 'grandfathered' (Read: no longer available) T-Mobile family plan with no data or text messaging. We used only a handful of minutes of phone per month, besides the free minutes. Grand total: $58 per month for 2 phones.
        "I never got the AT&T iPhone 3, 3G, or 4 because there's no AT&T 3G data network in Prescott after all these years, and they make you pay monthly for a 3G network you don't get.
        "Many of my neighbors use Verizon and have no trouble with signal or coverage anywhere in the area, including at home.
        "Not being a Verizon customer, I couldn't order phones on February 3rd.
        "I tried to use the Apple on-line store yesterday when the Verizon iPhone became available, but if you want more than one phone (i.e. Family Plan), you can order it on-line but you have to go to an Apple Store to pick it up. 100 miles? Nope. Not doing that.
        "So today was the day that the Verizon retail stores started carrying the iPhone. We got up early and got there at 6:45 a.m. and were 15th in line for the doors to open at 7 a.m.
        "I was kind of surprised that Prescott would drum up this much interest. By the time we got out of the store, there wasn't any line, so probably less than 25 early customers like us. I asked if they got enough iPhones at the retail store and the clerk said that they didn't get many, so I don't know if they'll run out or not.
        "We hung around in the store waiting for our number to be called and got sucked into buying some accessories. They even had the boxed AppleCare.
        "Including waiting, signing up, paying and getting our two phones activated (our old numbers ported IMMEDIATELY), it took less than an hour.
        "Besides the cost of the iPhones and activation charges, the monthly is going to cost me around $159, pretty much exactly $100 more per month than before. That's a 700 minute 2-line family plan, 2 unlimited data plans, no text messaging or other options.
        For sure Art is smiling as he concludes, "I hope Mary Ann likes her early Valentine's Day present!"