Conserve Battery Life

        It started with a tip about conserving battery life for your iPad, but Jim Hamm goes on to tell about laptop battery life, too.
        "Here's a tip for your iPad. I took a workshop on the iPad 2 at the Apple store yesterday. The gentleman presenting the workshop said that a person should close all open apps occasionally to conserve battery life. Every time you open an app that app stays running in the background unless you specifically close it.
        "Double tap the home button. All those apps you see along the bottom are open and running. To close them put your finger on one and hold till it starts wiggling. Close all the open apps along that bottom row.
        Jim explains, "I took a look at mine and practically every app I have on my iPad 2 was open and running in the background. Take a check on yours and see how many you have running. How often to close open apps? Perhaps at the end of the day might be a good time -- at least that's what I plan to do."
        But is that a factor in battery life for our laptop computers, I wanted to know.  Jim said, "If the laptop is running on battery, then I think yes, probably each app might draw a bit more juice from the battery. A bigger problem might be using up RAM. Every app uses RAM, and Safari and Mail will continue to grow the longer one keeps them running. Having a few apps open probably wouldn't affect streaming, though."
        My final question was about the Apple workshops. Jim furnishes us with this Scottsdale store link.